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Options for Fixing a Slippery Driveway

Options for Fixing a Slippery Driveway

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When it comes to home maintenance, few aspects garner as little attention as the driveway. Yet, it occupies a central position in any home, both aesthetically and functionally.

When it comes to home maintenance, few aspects garner as little attention as the driveway. Yet, it occupies a central position in any home, both aesthetically and functionally.

Neglecting this central piece can lead to dangerous hazards, ranging from a slippery driveway to worn tires and catastrophic accidents. However, fear not, as there are several solutions to mend and rejuvenate your driveway should the need arise. We highlight a couple here.

Solutions for a Slippery Driveway 

A slippery driveway need not be a source of constant worry and concern. You can use multiple methods to enhance traction, but first, you must establish a budget and define the motive behind your reinforcement. Is it for the short, medium, or long term? Whichever it is, several remedies lie at your disposal.

  1. Sweeping:

A rudimentary yet occasionally effective method involves regular sweeping with a sturdy broom. While not a long-lasting solution, it leaves a delicate texture on the driveway surface, providing respite from slipperiness, especially in winter when water collects in cracks and holes.

  1. Paint:

Another short-term solution can be found in the application of paint. However, the efficacy of paint dwindles within days or weeks, particularly in colder months.

  1. Rubber Mats:

Some homeowners resort to strategically placed rubber mats in high-traffic zones, offering a degree of added friction. Regrettably, these mats often mar the aesthetic appeal of driveways.

  1. Non-Skid Tape:

Non-skid tape, available in different formats, offers a swift and cost-effective remedy for driveways lacking traction. Nevertheless, it remains a short-term fix.

  1. Slip-Resistant Floor Coverings:

The ultimate solution to add sustained traction across your driveway is a long-term investment in slip-resistant floor coverings. Not only do they deliver the required grip, but they also blend seamlessly with the driveway’s aesthetics, rendering an enduring solution to this perennial problem.

Fixing a Steep, Slippery Driveway

When designing driveways, “less is more” is an adage that resonates profoundly. As such, any driveway with an incline exceeding 12% is dangerous. During icy spells, your vehicle might slide into the street, while the undercarriage might scrape against frozen ice, causing costly damages over time.

The compounded consequences of such an incline are diverse, but here are a few modest interventions to enhance traction on such slopes:

  • Gravel and Sand:A simple yet effective solution involves covering the steep roadway with gravel and sand. Although it may not give it aesthetic splendour, it does endow the driveway with better traction, all while being an economical option.
  • Resin:Driveway resin, such as epoxy and polyurethane resin, bolster tire grip, particularly on steep inclines. This potent elixir can also be applied atop a gravel and sand foundation to increase grip and longevity significantly.
  • Speed Bumps:Though not the most comfortable driveway companions, speed bumps serve a dual purpose. They deter reckless speeding and, more importantly, provide friction that equips vehicles with a means to decelerate on a slippery slope.
  • Repaving: The most formidable solution of all, repaving the driveway, is the final guarantee against a slippery slope. Although financially on the high side, this choice promises durability and safety.


For many homeowners, the driveway often safeguards the vehicular comings and goings of everyday life. A slip-resistant and well-maintained driveway not only ensures safety but also enhances the aesthetics of your abode. With these solutions, you can confidently navigate driveway maintenance, ensuring both form and function lie at the gateway to your home.

If you need car park surfacing to protect against a slippery driveway in London or Surrey, Kane Construction is the leading surfacing contractor to reach out to.

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