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How Moscato’s Foster Family Mourns Her Death After She Was Euthanized By Mistake At Phoenix Shelter

How Moscato’s Foster Family Mourns Her Death After She Was Euthanized By Mistake At Phoenix Shelter

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Do you know that many dogs needlessly pass away each year in shelters nationwide? It’s a sad and avoidable situation that brings great pain to both the animals and those wanting to adopt them. A recent example of this happened at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. They mistakenly put down a husky named Moscato, even though a rescue group wanted to save her. Shockingly, this marked the third dog they wrongly euthanized in the last four months.

In this article, we’ll share the perspective of Moscato’s foster family. They were excited to adopt her but received the devastating news of her passing too late. We’ll delve into how they prepared for her arrival, their expectations, the heartbreak upon learning of her death, and how they paid tribute to her memory. We’ll also explore ways to prevent such errors, ensure accountability, and promote transparency in shelter operations. By telling their story, we aim to raise awareness and foster compassion for the Moscato Husky Phoenix incident and for all shelter and rescue dogs awaiting their forever homes.

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How They Prepared for Her Arrival

Moscato’s temporary parents were a young couple living in a small Phoenix apartment. They often discussed the idea of having a dog but weren’t sure if they were truly prepared for the commitment. To test the waters, they decided to try fostering a dog from a local rescue group. They reached out to Husky Haven of Arizona, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding new homes for abandoned huskies and similar northern breeds. They applied to become foster parents, had their homes inspected, and agreed to follow the organization’s rules.

They were paired with Moscato, a two-year-old female husky who had been abandoned due to behavioral issues. She was described as a friendly and playful dog, but she was also shy and anxious around strangers and loud noises. For her to overcome her fears and lack of trust, she required extensive exercise, training, and socialization. The rescue group informed the couple that Moscato was scheduled to be spayed at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter on March 15, 2023, and they could pick her up there after her surgery.

The couple felt a mix of excitement and nervousness about meeting Moscato. They wanted to ensure she felt at ease in their home. They purchased toys, food, and bedding for her, and they made space in their living room for her crate. They also researched online about husky behavior, care, and training, watching videos from other foster parents sharing their experiences and advice. They planned to take her for walks, engage in playtime, and introduce her to their friends and neighbors. They hoped that Moscato would warm up to them and adapt to their lifestyle. Above all, they wished that they would grow fond of her and consider her part of their family.

What They Expected From Her

Moscato’s foster family had realistic expectations about fostering a dog, especially a husky with behavioral issues. They knew that it would not be easy and that they would have to deal with some challenges and difficulties. They were ready to be patient, gentle, and consistent with Moscato and to use positive reinforcement and rewards to motivate her. They also knew that they would have to provide her with adequate exercise, stimulation, and attention.

However, they also had high hopes and dreams about fostering Moscato. They hoped to see her personality shine through and discover her likes and dislikes. They dreamed of playing games with her, teaching her new tricks, and watching her explore new things. They hoped to cuddle with her, comfort her, and praise her. They dreamed of forming a strong bond with her and of feeling a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from helping her. They hoped to fall in love with her and adopt her as their own. They dreamed of becoming Moscato’s forever family.

How They Felt When They Learned About Her Death

Moscato’s foster family experienced immense sorrow and devastation when they received the heartbreaking news of her passing. On March 15, 2023, the very day they were set to welcome her into their home, they received a devastating call from the rescue group. They were informed that, due to a tragic mix-up, Moscato had been mistakenly euthanized by the shelter staff. Tragically, she was confused with another dog scheduled for euthanasia. The family was left in a state of shock and disbelief, struggling to come to terms with this unthinkable error.

Their emotions were a turbulent mix of grief, anger, guilt, and profound disbelief. They mourned the loss of Moscato, who had lost her life before they could even embrace her. Their hearts ached for themselves, knowing they had missed the opportunity to offer her a loving forever home. Their grief extended to all the dogs who had met a similar fate due to shelter mistakes and to those still awaiting their forever families. They harbored deep anger towards the shelter staff who had neglected to verify Moscato’s identity and medical records before proceeding with euthanasia. Their anger extended to the systemic failures within the shelter that allowed such a careless and negligent error to occur. They felt a collective frustration with a world that had been unkind and unjust to Moscato and countless other animals. 

Guilt weighed heavily on their hearts, stemming from their inability to save Moscato and be there for her in her time of need. They questioned themselves for placing trust in both the shelter and the rescue group, wishing they had been more vigilant and proactive. The cruel reality of Moscato’s sudden absence left them grappling with disbelief, unable to fathom that she was gone forever, and their dreams and plans with her had been shattered.

In their quest to cope with this profound loss and overwhelming emotions, tears flowed freely, and they found solace in seeking support from each other and from their friends and family. They reached out to online communities of fellow animal lovers and foster parents who extended their condolences and shared their own stories of loss. Determined to seek answers and justice for Moscato, they contacted the rescue group, the shelter, and even sought legal counsel to ensure that her memory would not be forgotten in vain.

How They Honored Her Memory

Moscato’s foster family wanted to honor her memory and pay tribute to her life. They decided to hold a memorial service for her, inviting their friends, family, and other foster parents who had known or cared for Moscato. They gathered at a local park, where they lit candles, said prayers, and shared stories and photos of Moscato. They also released some balloons into the sky with messages of love and gratitude for Moscato.

They also wanted to make a difference for other dogs that were in need of rescue or adoption. They donated some money and supplies to the Husky Haven of Arizona, the rescue group that had tried to save Moscato. They also volunteered to foster another dog from the same group, hoping to give him a second chance at happiness. They named him Phoenix, after the city where Moscato had lived and died. They hoped that Phoenix would help them heal from their loss and that they would help him find his forever home.

They also wanted to seek justice and accountability for Moscato’s death. They joined a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Animal Shelter, along with other foster parents and animal advocates who had lost their dogs due to the shelter’s mistakes. They demanded that the shelter staff be fired or prosecuted for their negligence and cruelty. In addition, they demanded that the shelter implement a double-check system, use microchips or tags, and provide more staff training and supervision. They hoped that their legal action would prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future and improve the conditions and outcomes for the shelter’s animals.


In this article, we explore the perspective of Moscato’s foster family, who were eagerly anticipating her adoption but tragically discovered her late. We have examined their preparations for her arrival, their expectations, their emotional journey upon learning of her death, and their heartfelt remembrances of her. In addition, we have examined measures to prevent similar occurrences and to promote accountability and openness in shelter operations.

The Moscato Husky Phoenix incident is a tragic yet avoidable consequence that reveals the shelter system’s flaws and shortcomings. It emphasizes the need for increased awareness and compassion for dogs awaiting permanent homes in shelters or rescue organizations. By relating their story, we hope to inspire you to take action on their behalf and have a significant impact. Whether you choose to foster, adopt, donate, volunteer, or advocate, you have the ability to save lives and give a deserving dog a second chance at happiness. We sincerely appreciate your readership and invite you to share your thoughts and comments below.😊

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