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Load Boards Are Helping Truckers Find Loads

Load Boards Are Helping Truckers Find Loads

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Load boards are a community-driven way of connecting truck drivers with shippers needing loads to fill their vehicles. Load boards have traditionally been online forums where truckers post information about their company, the capacities they can offer, and the destinations they can serve. Carriers with freight can list the loads they have that need delivering. Truckers can bid on the loads, with the work going to the lowest or most suitable bid.

In recent years, technology has allowed load board usage to expand into mobile apps, which provide an alternative to otherwise time-consuming searching.

The benefits of using load boards for truckers

Before the advent of load boards, truckers would have to call around and spend hours searching for available loads. Now, all information about available loads is available in one place. Truckers can also determine their payment terms and how much fuel they might save by choosing a particular load.

1) Find loads

Traveling with a partially or empty vehicle is a problem for truck drivers, especially when they’re on a tight schedule or don’t want to wait around idle. Through load boards, drivers can find shipping work and jobs for truckers based on their needs and preferences.

2) Find carriers to partner with

For small carriers that can’t hold their own in the market, load boards offer an excellent opportunity to team up with larger carriers who need to fill capacity and can give them a helping hand.

3) Get paid faster

Load boards also provide information on the reliability of a freight company. Often the information includes how quickly they pay the trucking firm and other credit rating details. Using this information, truckers can pick and choose who they work with. This often reduces the average payment term.

4) Make more money

Sometimes, it can be hard to find loads that are worth the time and money a trucker spends on hauling them. Load boards allow drivers to list their capabilities so that they can take on the most profitable loads.

How to find the right load board for your business

There are several different load boards available to businesses. Each one will have different features and even different rules regarding which loads are eligible. Before choosing a load board, consider the following:

1) Find the right fit for your business

Various types of load boards specialize in different types of loads. For example, there might be load boards for truckers seeking refrigerated loads and others that focus on less temperature-sensitive freight. Likewise, some target short-haul drivers, and others long-haul drives.

2) Find a load board that fits your carrier type

Certain load boards will only allow established carriers to participate. Others might accept new companies with limited functionality but no obvious payment terms. This can help you avoid any legal problems and inefficient payment agreements.

3) Find one with a good reputation

Today, there are many new load boards available that can offer increased opportunities for truckers. However, these might not have the same level of commitment or reliability as traditional load boards.

Load boards are a great way for truck carriers to find available loads. The technology behind them has become more advanced, allowing for mobile applications that can be helpful for truckers on the road. When choosing a load board, it’s important to keep in mind the needs of your business and the kind of opportunities you’re looking for. For example, refrigerated load boards make it easy to find loads that may not be available through traditional marketing channels.

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