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Generative AI Tools in Business

Enhancing Productivity: Leveraging Generative AI Tools in Business

Table of Contents

Generative AI tools are quickly becoming widespread, allowing companies to streamline workflows and improve productivity. However, the benefits they provide extend far beyond this. Generative AI tools automate many tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic aspects of the job. It boosts overall productivity and reduces error rates.

Automate Your Workflows

A generative AI tool can help you automate your workflows. It will run automatic email campaigns, send triggered emails, and analyze contact form input to route your leads to the right person (like a sales team or customer service). It allows you to free up your human staff to do more valuable work, such as building relationships with prospects or providing personalized customer support. Moreover, a workflow automation tool can help you reduce your business costs. Costly time can be incurred by manual tasks such as data entry and summarization. Generative AI tools make these tasks a breeze and provide real-time feedback and error detection. Workflow automation is also a great way to boost employee job satisfaction and productivity. By letting them focus on more creative and exciting projects, their skill set improves, leading to more work being completed in less time. The workflow automation process also helps to create a more transparent work environment. It can document and communicate the exact steps that need to be taken. For instance, a generative AI product can streamline process documentation by creating SOPs and training manuals. It also makes it easy for employees to understand the work needed by generating step-by-step guides.

Automate Marketing

Generative AI tools can help businesses create and automate marketing materials such as product descriptions, social media posts, and content calendars. Employees can concentrate on more challenging projects by using these tools to reduce the time and resources that would otherwise be used on these duties.

These tools can also improve customer experience by delivering dynamic, personalized communications. For example, e-commerce brands can use these tools to provide customer support through voice automation that generates different, human-sounding voices to take the frustration out of waiting for a reply from a call center agent.

Additionally, generative AI tools can be used in manufacturing and engineering to improve the design process by creating new designs that meet specific requirements. For example, the program can determine optimal materials for a given design while considering performance and cost. It can result in significant productivity gains by reducing the number of iterations needed to find a design that meets the company’s goals.

However, it’s important to note that these tools are not foolproof. Generative AI models are often susceptible to hallucinations, biases, and misrepresentations, especially when fed incorrect data. As such, they should only be utilized when a company can ensure it’s properly trained and monitored.

Automate Customer Service

While removing the human element of a customer service interaction might seem counterintuitive, it can improve response times, minimize errors, and even save valuable nerve cells. Automated customer service options, like chatbots and interactive voice responses, allow customers to self-service or have their query routed to the right team member at a moment’s notice. AI can help determine what a customer is looking for and then offer step-by-step guidance to solve the problem. For example, if a customer is having trouble describing their Nespresso coffee machine, the software can provide specific instructions on how to do this. It can also proactively offer tips and best practices to help them get the most out of their product.

Similarly, AI can quickly identify a customer’s mood and intent to connect them with the right person. It can be done by gauging the emotion of the customer’s question or by asking them to describe the problem. With automated tools, your support agents can spend more time resolving complex queries requiring expert knowledge and empathetic touch. It can ultimately lead to happier and more loyal customers. However, training your team on using these tools before fully rolling them out is essential. Failure to do so could result in frustrated customers and an inefficient workflow.

Automate Operations

Automating business processes that support operational efficiency is wise for any organization. The cost of labor is an expensive resource, and every minute a team spends on tasks that can be automated is a wasted opportunity to work on more pressing projects. Leveraging generative AI tools to automate these processes can help reduce operating costs, minimize errors, and free up employees’ time for other initiatives.

Generative AI uses a prompt – such as text, image, video, design, musical notes, or anything else the software can process – to create content in response. Generative AI can produce essays, problem-solving techniques, and even lifelike portraits or audio files that mimic real people.

Some early business applications of generative AI include hyper-personalization and improving customer experience. For example, a generative AI tool can write responses to queries for sales reps and recommend tone and format. It can make communication with prospects and clients more natural and streamlined, increasing productivity for teams with high customer volumes.

However, businesses should prioritize processes that drive long-term value when choosing what to automate. Otherwise, they risk overlooking opportunities to implement transformational technologies that can propel their business forward. Connecting any automation project to specific KPIs and ensuring that any AI-generated efficiencies will result in net new revenue or improved customer experiences is essential.

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