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Juoda Truoba nameliu nuoma

Juoda Truoba nameliu nuoma – The Black Treehouse Rental in Lithuania

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Juoda Truoba nameliu nuoma – The Black Treehouse Rental in Lithuania. Juoda Truoba nameliu nuoma – The Black Treehouse Rental in Lithuania has become an increasingly popular destination due to its seclusion and the lack of light pollution at night, resulting in some amazing starry skies. Staying at the Black Treehouse means you’ll also have full access to the bird watching and horse-riding options which are also available on-site. Accommodation prices start at around €70 per night, depending on the season.


The Juoda Truoba nameliu nuoma was built by a Lithuanian craftsman, Gintautas Žemaitis. After reading an online post about the izba, I wanted to learn more about the old school building. When I first heard about it, I thought it was just a quaint little hut that would be perfect for a weekend getaway with friends. But after doing some research, I found out that this hut is actually quite grand and has hosted many dignitaries over the years. It’s even been featured on television shows like Game of Thrones! The story behind how this house came to be is as interesting as its rich history.


Juoda Truoba is located just outside of Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. It’s a rural getaway with an old Lithuanian farmstead that has been converted into a guesthouse. There are four bedrooms available, each with its own private bathroom, and all overlooking the forest around the house. Guests can enjoy spa treatments at the sauna or outdoor hot tub or sit down to dine at one of two terrace restaurants.


The Black Treehouse is a project of a Lithuanian artist and craftsman, which was built for the purpose of being rented out to tourists. It is located about two hours from the city of Vilnius, and it is accessible by car or public transport. There are no shops nearby, but there are many lovely villages. The house is equipped with all necessary household appliances, kitchenware, furniture and bedding. It has an electric water heater, central heating system and broadband internet access (WiFi). There are three bedrooms: one big bedroom with an en-suite bathroom with a shower cabin, one small bedroom with bunk beds, another small bedroom with a single bed. One of the bedrooms (big) has been fitted up as an art studio/workshop.


The black tree house is a unique, one-of-a-kind property for rent. It has everything you need for a relaxing vacation, including an outdoor hot tub and sauna. Located within the city limits of Vilnius, it’s easy to get to the airport and explore the city on foot or by car. This lovely property sleeps up to six people and is available for $200 per night. There are also discounts for longer stays! Juoda Truoba Nuoma Nameliu offers excellent customer service and quick responses to all inquiries. For more information about this charming Lithuanian home, please contact us today!


The Namely, Juoda Truoba is a small tree house in rural Lithuania. It’s the perfect getaway for those looking for privacy and an escape from the modern world.

The tree house is available to rent on Airbnb, so guests have access to amenities like a kitchen and toilet. Guests can also bring their own sleeping bag or bedding if they would like! Though it may be small, this tree house has everything you need for a quick break away from your busy life!


Juoda Truoba is a Lithuanian company that offers eco-friendly, economical, and stylish accommodation. Founded in 2015, Juoda Truoba maintains the highest standard of quality while giving visitors the opportunity to live closer to nature. Juoda Truoba offers three different treehouses: two-person (2), four-person (4), and six-person (6). All of the treehouses are furnished with a kitchenette and bathroom. The two-person treehouse has a bedroom that can also be converted into a living room with a sofa bed. In addition to Juoda Truoba’s treehouses, there is also the option of camping or staying at one of their yurts.


The Black Treehouse is the ultimate destination for a unique and memorable experience. Rent the treehouse for your next family getaway, adventure with friends or romantic escape. You’ll find that Juoda Truoba nameliu nuoma goes beyond just a place to stay to deliver an unforgettable experience.

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