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Important Tips & Guidelines To Write A Personal Essay

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So, you have been assigned to write a personal essay. Do you know how to write this essay? Do you have an idea about the guidelines necessary to know to write this essay? Most probably not, because if you knew, you would not be here reading this article. Well, we must say that you have come to the right place to know about writing this essay. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the important tips and guidelines for writing a personal essay. But, before moving on towards the tips and guidelines, let’s define it.

What is a personal essay?

A personal essay is a type of essay in which you either talk about your personal life experiences and lessons learned from them or discuss your life achievements to secure admission to a college or university. The essay is often confused with the narrative type of essay writing. Although the writer of this essay uses the first-person point of view to describe his life-changing events, it is different from narrative essays. These essays usually have a conversational tone which helps to create a connection between the writer and the reader. Some examples of personal essays are as follows:

  • One small step that helped me reach where I am today.
  • A disappointment that changed my life entirely.
  • Life is not a unidimensional path – my personal experiences

Important tips and guidelines for writing a personal essay

When it comes to writing a well-structured and information-rich personal essay, it is no surprise that doing this is very difficult. A lot of people struggle to find the right topic, and others struggle to crack the right way to write an essay. In this scenario, discussing important tips and guidelines for writing this essay has become inevitable. Therefore, a brief description of all the tips and guidelines is as follows:

1. Choose a good topic

To make a Chicken Karahi, chicken is the most necessary ingredient; in the same way, to write a personal essay, having a good topic is the most crucial thing. Without having a good topic, you can write an essay on; you must not even think of writing it. However, the tip here is that you should always choose a topic about which you have enough information that an essay can be written on that. Mostly, the topics of a personal essay are very much personal and tell a story about life experiences. So, you can choose a topic like that.

2. Find the right angle and tone

The second guideline here is that you must find the right angle to write this essay. This angle should be an angle of the story that creates curiosity to learn more in the readers. For example, you can hint at the climax of the story at the start. Doing this makes the reader more curious about your topic. Along with this, the tone is also important. The tone of personal essays is mostly conversational and explanatory, and they are written in first-person view.

3. Craft a strong introduction

The introduction of your essay is the most important element. It is the section which plays a pivotal role in the success of your essay. Therefore, you must craft a strong introduction which has a hook at its start and an impactful paragraph to describe the background and importance of the topic you are writing on. If you feel like you cannot write such a paragraph, you should better contact an essay writing service.

4. Describe the events in the body

After introducing the event, you need to talk about it. Talking about the event means you need to discuss it in detail. The body of your personal essay is the section where you discuss all these things. It is where you expand on and give details about each point that you have mentioned in the introduction section. As it is a personal essay, the evidence is mostly not there. The story you are describing or writing about is itself a piece of evidence.

5. Conclude with a lesson

Leaving a life-long lesson at the end of the essay is the most crucial part of it. Every personal essay has a lesson or moral at the end of the story. Therefore, it is important to give that lesson or advice to the readers. But where? The concluding paragraph is the best place to do this. In this paragraph, you should summarise the discussion and highlight the lesson learned.


Writing a personal essay is not difficult if you have all the writing guidelines and tips in hand. This is what we have done in this post. We have handed over to you the most important tips and guidelines needed to write a perfect essay. So, follow them and write an essay accordingly.

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