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Wolf Drawing

How to Draw A Wolf

Table of Contents

How to Draw A Wolf. Few animals represent the mighty wolf’s strong sense of power, freedom, and mystery. These apex predators are known across many cultures and legends as brave and strong forces of nature.

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Many people worldwide are fascinated by the wolf, making it a popular subject for art, films, and drawings. You should read on if you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw a wolf!

How to Draw A Wolf

Step 1

When faced with a drawing challenge, the best way to make it less intimidating is to break it down into more manageable steps. If you go slow and follow these instructions carefully, I know you’ll be drawing an awesome wolf in no time! First, let’s draw the head of your wolf design.

For this step, we recommend strictly following the reference images. A good starting point would be the wolf’s ear, which is closest to us, which you can draw by drawing a bottomless curved triangle.

Once the ear is drawn, you can use it as the center point from which to draw the rest of the wolf’s head. Go slow and use the reference image, and I know you can!

Step 2

For the next step in drawing your wolf, we’ll add the wolf’s back along with the beginning of the tail. You can add it using a slightly curved line and a straighter one for the tail.

You can use a lighter-colored pen and then go over it with a darker-colored pen or pencil once it looks like the reference image. This way, you don’t have to worry about not getting it right the first time, and it takes a lot of the pressure off!

Step 3

We’ll add many details and parts in this next step, which would help slow down at this stage. First, you can use a jagged curved line to shape the wolf’s neck.

Next, let’s add some straight and curved lines ending in the shape of a paw for the wolf’s front leg. Next, we’ll add a curved line for the wolf’s belly and a thicker hind leg.

If you have trouble with any of these, you can use a thin piece of paper to trace the reference image until you get the hang of it. Practice creates masters! For some of these more complicated parts, don’t be afraid to take your time until you get carried away.

Step 4

For this next step in learning how to draw a wolf, we will add some facial details along with the other legs. Using a pencil, you can draw the legs on the other side of the wolf using the reference image as a guide. Once they suit you, you can examine them with a darker-colored pen or pencil.

Once you have your legs in, you can add the inner mouth and ears of your wolf design. You can try drawing a more complicated eye like the one in the picture or use a simple circle with a dot if it’s easier for you. Finally, don’t forget to add her nose!

Step 5

Your wolf drawing is almost complete, so we’ll add some final touches to give the fur and muscles a defining look for this next step. You can replicate the details we have in the photo.

Draw Wolf

Don’t be afraid to add or delete details that you think would make your wolf even better! There are no wrong answers with this kind of detail. So if you feel like getting more creative with it, you should try it!

Step 6

The last step in this process of learning how to draw a wolf is to have fun while coloring your beautiful picture! We’ve shown one way you can do this in the image we’ve provided, but don’t be afraid to use any of your favorite colors!


Wolves are generally gray and white, but you can use any of your favorite bright and beautiful colors to bring your wolf to life. You can also experiment with more artistic mediums like acrylics and watercolors to add beautiful colors to your photo.Wolf Drawing

Your Wolf Drawing is Finished!

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