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How To Choose In-Ear Headphones And Gaming Headset?

How To Choose In-Ear Headphones And Gaming Headset?

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With this article, our site continues a whole cycle of useful materials, the purpose of which will be to facilitate the choice of any product from the thousands of options offered on the market. Agree, the choice of a specific model of a device always takes a lot of time, which can be spent usefully. In today’s material, we will talk about choosing in-ear headphones and gaming headsets.


In-ear headphones or “plugs” are often bundled with portable players and smartphones, and are usually inferior in performance to their full-size counterparts. However, many prefer them because of their comfort and convenience – they take up almost no space in a bag or pocket, and the sound reproduces quite decently. Many earbuds are equipped with microphones and music playback controls. These headphones will not spoil your hair and will not interfere with wearing piercings or earrings.

Not too successful models of “plugs” can cause discomfort after prolonged use. In addition, due to the bifurcation of the wire and the way the headphones are carried, it will get tangled much more often, and the design of the earbuds does not always ensure that they are fixed in the ear – this depends on the individual and device model.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which the part of the earbuds that is in contact with the ear is made. It can be silicone, rubber or special foam. The comfort of these materials again depends on your specific sensitivity – someone is ready to use harder materials, and someone needs very soft headphones.

Gaming headsets in most cases are rather massive monitor headphones with a swivel, retractable or detachable microphone. They are also suitable for walking or the office – they usually have a closed design (so that the player is completely immersed in the game) and allow you to remove the microphone.

In the case of headsets, you should pay attention to the number of speakers (some models provide 7.1 sound, which can only harm when listening to music, but will help in games), additional elements such as control buttons and compatibility with game consoles (for this you need to refer to the official documentation).

It’s also best to choose headsets with a microphone that uses noise-canceling technology so that your voice in multiplayer games doesn’t get confused with extraneous sounds. In addition, comfort is a very important factor here – if your gaming sessions can last for several hours, then the headset should sit lightly and firmly on your head, while not pressing too hard on your ears.

Important specifications for in-ear headphones and headsets

We have already talked about many important characteristics in a previous article. Here we will analyze some characteristics that relate specifically to earplugs and headsets.

Active Noise Cancellation

Headphones with this system actively block extraneous sounds that try to enter your ears. Works using a separate or main microphone. If you often visit noisy places (public transport, cafes, clubs, and so on), then your headphones need an active noise reduction system.

Playback and sound control buttons

Agree, reaching into your pocket for a phone or a player to switch a track or adjust the playback volume is far from always convenient. Headphones with dedicated buttons and wheels will help to avoid this. You should not focus too much on this when choosing a model, but such buttons will be a very nice bonus.

The presence of a case or case

Carrying portable headphones in your pocket or bag is not very convenient – their cord is easily tangled. A special case, handbag or box will help to avoid this.

Waterproof case

A very important feature for those who plan to play sports and run to music. Waterproof headphones are not afraid of getting into the rain, or the sweat of an actively waving hands of the owner.

Fabric braided cord

Often used in gaming headsets. It is believed that such a braid protects the wire better, and it also looks very stylish.

Surround sound

Surround sound using multiple speakers is a hallmark of some expensive headsets. The advantages are obvious – a much clearer transmission of the sound picture. Sometimes this is accompanied by not too good sound when listening to music, but in most modern models this disadvantage has been eliminated.


Microphones in headsets can be located on the cord, be retractable, removable or swivel. There are no specific recommendations here – it is best to buy a headset that will be comfortable for you. Most likely, if you are not used to losing small items, a headset with a detachable microphone is best for you.

The vast majority of good headsets use noise canceling microphones that try to make your voice stand out from other sounds. In addition, the microphone can be positioned on a flexible base to help position it optimally – not too far and not too close to your mouth.

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