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How Feminized Cannabis Seeds are Made

How Feminized Cannabis Seeds are Made

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Cannabis plants have distinct male and female sexes; female plants produce the desired flowers, which are known to have THC and other beneficial chemical concentrations.

What if you could ensure that every seed you plant will develop into a female plant and bear a profusion of potent buds? Feminized weed seeds are useful in this situation. In this article, we’ll go deeper into the exciting realm of making feminized cannabis seeds, covering how hormones work and various methods used in making these seeds.

This piece contains something for everyone, whether you are an experienced grower trying to increase your yield while managing lesser plants or a cannabis enthusiast curious about the science behind feminized seeds, so read on!

Why are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Important?

Why are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Important? - Dream Team Promos

Male cannabis seeds are not as rich as female ones. Male cannabis seeds can, at best, only produce a few valuable buds. On the other hand, female ones are rich in CFD and THC, which makes them even more profitable for the growers.

After the growers have spent resources to grow both male and female cannabis seeds, they will eventually have to weed out the male ones to allow the female ones to access more nutrients; this process costs money and wastes time.

Alternatively, growing feminized cannabis seeds hugely increases the chance of developing female cannabis seeds, thereby saving the growers time, farm space, and money while improving their yield and profit.

The Basics of Feminized Cannabis Seeds Production

The Basics of Feminized Cannabis Seeds Production - Dream Team Promos

Growers use a simple technique called “rodelization” to stress female plants and create feminized cannabis seeds without using chemicals.

As a result, female plants generate pollen sacs, which are then transferred to other female plants to complete the pollination process.

Using chemicals such as silver thiosulfate or gibberellic acid is another effective way to create feminized cannabis seeds. Female plants produce male flowers with viable pollen from these substances, and these male flowers can subsequently be used to pollinate other female plants.

Although feminized pot seeds can be a great plus for growers, it’s crucial to remember that they can also be less resilient and more sensitive to stress than normal seeds. Also, not all feminized seeds are created equal, and some may result in plants with both male and female reproductive systems, known as hermaphrodites.

Selecting a trustworthy seed supplier and keeping close tabs on your plant’s growth and health is crucial for maximizing the success of feminized cannabis growing. Healthy cannabis plants require adequate watering, nutrition, and lighting. It’s also essential to regularly check for pests and disease symptoms.

The Role of Hormones in the Feminization Process

Hormones control the feminization process and ethylene is the primary hormone involved in this process. The hormone, which the plant creates, serves as a signal to start the development of female reproductive organs.

Auxins and cytokinins, in addition to ethylene, are other hormones that contribute to the feminization process. These hormones play a role in controlling a plant’s growth and development, particularly the growth of its blooms.

The plants would not produce cannabinoid-rich blooms without feminization. Growers frequently use various methods to promote feminization, such as managing the lighting and temperature conditions in which the plants are grown to create high-quality flowers.

Common Methods For Creating Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds can be produced using a variety of techniques, including the use of hormones and pesticides.

One way entails applying colloidal silver to the plants, which has been demonstrated to prevent cannabis plants from producing male hormones. As a result, what would ordinarily be male plants will produce female blooms.

Hormones are used in another approach for producing feminized cannabis seeds like Gelato. The gibberellic acid hormone, in particular, can be utilized to promote the development of female flowers on male plants. The hormone can be sprayed directly onto the plants or added to their water supply.

To encourage the formation of female blooms, some farmers also employ strategies like selective breeding or stressing the plants. For instance, a grower can stress the plants by subjecting them to low temperatures or limiting their access to light, which can result in the growth of female flowers on male plants.

While the methods for producing gendered cannabis seeds differ, they all include genetic engineering to create exclusively female plants. Since only female plants can produce the proper cannabinoids and terpenes, this is crucial for gardeners who wish to make high-quality cannabis flowers.


To guarantee that the resulting plants are female, hormones and particular procedures are used to develop feminized cannabis seeds. For growers that wish to maximize their yield and steer clear of male plants, this is crucial information. Although the feminization procedure may appear complicated, it is, however, a vital tool for effective cannabis cultivation. You don’t have to feminize cannabis seeds yourself though, you can always source your feminized seeds from the Herbies. Their catalog would wow you, so get in there!

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