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How Businesses Are Using Solar Panels to Power Their Advertising Billboards

How Businesses Are Using Solar Panels to Power Their Advertising Billboards

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Digital Advertising billboards are part and parcel of any business marketing operation. They’re found on the streets and serve as massive reminders and announcers of the services that your company provides. As important as digital billboards are, they won’t always stay lit if the power supply is interrupted. So, what then do you do?

Well, most companies are now switching to the use of solar panels as a means of powering their digital billboards. When you think about it, it’s a solid idea that paves the way for better advertising and energy efficiency.

So, how does it work, and why are businesses doing it? Read on to find out

Solar Panels and Advertising Billboards: A Dream Combination for Businesses

Firstly, you need to understand the individual components of a solar panel that combine to give its energy-producing function. These include the panels containing the photovoltaic cells, the solar inverter, and batteries. The panels are installed on a high building surface like the roof, and the cells trap the solar energy, converting it to a DC form of electricity.

At this point, the power generated isn’t enough to power the billboards, and that’s where the inverters come in. It is through the inverter that DC is converted into AC electricity that digital billboards can now access.

That works great because solar-powered billboards are well equipped with light-emitting diodes that consume less power, making them a suitable match for solar energy.

How Do Businesses Benefit from Switching to Solar Powered Billboards?

Various perks come with switching to solar energy for billboard advertising. These include:

  1. Long-lasting, Reliable Energy Source

Solar energy can be converted into electricity and stored in solar batteries. And in good weather conditions, the supply of solar energy allows for long-lasting use. That makes solar panels a reliable method of delivering power to billboards.

  1. Energy Independence

Thanks to solar panels, businesses no longer depend solely on the electric grid for their power needs. It ensures no shortcomings in power supply, and it also means more energy independence.

  1. Contributes to A Greener Earth

All companies have been tasked with employing only eco-friendly products and techniques. Using solar panels to power advertising billboards is a great way to fulfil that responsibility due to its clean and renewable nature.

  1. Improved Brand Awareness

One of the issues with billboard advertising is that brands cannot reach rural areas that lack access to the electric grid or regions with little power supply. But with the addition of a solar-powered billboard, companies can spread their business more expansive and reach larger audiences

  1. Lower Electricity Bills

Finally, with reduced dependence on the power grid for electricity, businesses can save tremendous costs due to reduced light bills. As a result, there’s more room in the budget for improved marketing and other operations.


By using solar panels for advertising purposes, i.e., billboards, businesses can save huge advertising costs and still get word of their brand across. At the same time, it’s a smart way to move to a more renewable and energy-efficient means of generating power.

Therefore, do well to contact Solar Co today to get started installing solar panels in your buildings and billboards.

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