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A Comprehensive Guide to FSSI Splash -

A Comprehensive Guide to FSSI Splash

Table of Contents

With the aid of successful, donor-focused fundraising strategies, FSSI Splash will assist you in creating cutting-edge marketing campaigns that achieve your objectives and advance the cause of your nonprofit organization.
The next logical step in a donor-centered strategy is to actively seek out supporters using multichannel systems. You’ll have access to the resources and know-how to connect with donors on their preferred channels (and make noise!) with a comprehensive service that includes digital integration and the most recent in marketing automation.

Describe FSSI Splash

Splash, the Direct Mail and Marketing Services Division of FSI, specialises in direct response marketing and graphic design.

Describe FSSI Splash


You can establish a close connection with your customers by creating a personalised experience. No speculation is necessary, and we don’t just pick random numbers. With the help of our investment, you can speak to your customers in a way that has never been possible before thanks to our deep insights and special analytics.
When printing continuously, text, graphics, and images flow seamlessly from one section to the next, conveying the intended message. It goes beyond just covering the basics of communication 101. It’s a direct-response promotion with a higher response rate made to help you boost conversions and engagement.

Print-Mail Production Innovation

We possess all the skills necessary to create functions that operate on a global scale and are quick enough to react to any changes in the market. Due to the homogeneity of our market, we also offer personalised print and mail.
We provide a wider range of services than other direct response businesses. The range of services, including form design, form creation, printing, finishing, and mailing, is also included. FSSI Splash completes your work from start to finish, from design to production to finished materials, resulting in a high-quality item and dependable brand.

Dependable Digital Integration

If cross-channel digital marketing isn’t integrated with direct mail and full campaign reporting, direct mail is probably not being used to its full potential. Based on the opportunities offered by analytics (hyper-targeting), tracking (mail, call, lead), and re-targeting (Google, Facebook), we strongly suggest taking into account direct mail. Then picture using a few clicks to instantly access all of this data on a single dashboard.
You can track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns and get better results with a comprehensive, end-to-end, single dashboard that is highly effective. Additionally, effective digital integration enables you to track your direct mail campaigns easily and increase your earnings. That greatly improves your ROI.

POSTALYTICS, a direct mail automation platform that assists businesses in creating and sending personalised physical mail to their clients or prospects, makes this possible. It offers features like templates, connections to well-known CRM and marketing automation platforms, and the capacity to monitor and evaluate campaign performance.

Performance-Based Marketing

We can help you with our internal marketing staff or through a contract with your internal marketers or a marketing agency. Since we are fluent in marketing jargon, we can ensure that your employees and contracted workers are fully informed so they can perform the tasks you require.
To adapt to changes in supply and demand, we become adaptable. We are able to offer integrated, high-performing solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Simply say, “Let’s go,” and we’ll get moving.


Finally, the FSSI Splash programme is a fantastic way to get started in the government contracting industry. The programme enables collaboration between small and large businesses so they can compete for government contracts. The programme is a fantastic resource for learning about government contracting.

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