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Glitter 90s Makeup Trends - Reviving the Era of Glamor in 2023

Glitter 90s Makeup Trends – Reviving the Era of Glamor in 2023

Table of Contents

Among the unforgettable trends in the 90s, one trend was the glitter makeup trend. It was all about adding sparkle to your eyes, lips, and cheeks to look dazzling and glamorous. This article explores the wonderful world of glitter 90s makeup trends and the extraordinary things that made it stand out. So get ready to shine like a glam goddess!

  1. Glittery Eyes:

In the 90s, glitter makeup was all about making the eyes shine and stand out. People loved using glitter in many creative ways for their eye makeup.

Glittery Eyes:

  • All-Over-Glitter Look:

One popular style was the “all-over glitter” look, where they put a lot of sparkly eyeshadow all over the eyelids, creating a dazzling disco-ball effect.

  • Smoky Eyes Infused with Glitter:

Another trendy look was the “smoky eyes infused with glitter.” They blended dark shades like deep purples or sultry blacks with a bit of glitter on the eyelids and lower lash lines. This mix of deep colors and sparkling glitter gave a bold and alluring appearance that was a big part of the 90s glamorous style.

  1. Glitter Lips:

Glitter Lips were a trendy makeup style in the 90s. People who loved 90s makeup often wore shiny colors on their lips to match their sparkling eyes. Silver, gold, and bronze shades were the most popular.

Glitter Lips:

  • Glitter Lip Glosses:

Glitter lip glosses became a big hit because they made the lips shine even more when the light hit them.

  • Glitter-on-top-of-Lipstick:

If someone wanted a more subtle look, they could add a little glitter on top of their regular lipstick. This way, the lips would have a soft, glowing appearance without being too flashy.

The great thing about Glitter Lips was that it suited different tastes and allowed everyone to show off their unique style, whether they liked a simple shimmer or a striking metallic look.

  1. Glitter Dusting:

Glitter Dusting was a remarkable trend in the 90s, where people applied tiny sparkly particles on their faces. It wasn’t just for the eyes and lips; they also put the shimmer on their cheeks, temples, and collarbones. It made their face shine beautifully and gave them a magical glow. It was a fun and youthful style that showed the carefree spirit of that time. People loved using colorful glitter to make their looks even more exciting.

Glitter Dusting:

  1. Glitter Nails:

Glitter Nails were a big trend in the 90s. People loved having shiny and sparkly nails to go with their stylish outfits. Glitter nail polishes became popular; you could find them in many colors and textures. Some had tiny colorful pieces like confetti, while others had a holographic shine. People loved trying different styles to show their unique personalities and feelings.


Today, lots of people still love the glitter trend. They use glitter in their makeup to make their fashion and beauty choices shiny and glamorous. Whether they want to make a big statement or have fun with their style, glitter is a favorite choice for expressing themselves.

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