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Galilea Montijo

Galilea Montijo confesses that she suffered postpartum depression after not being able to feed her baby

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Galilea Montijo became a mother 10 years ago. Her son Mateo -fruit of her marriage to Fernando Reina- was born in Miami, where the host of the Hoy program presented the first signs of postpartum depression just three days after giving birth to her firstborn, as she revealed during the last broadcast of the Netas Divinas program in which the subject of mental well-being was discussed.

The television presenter confessed that at dawn she has been prey to “intrusive thoughts” , that is, involuntary and unpleasant ideas and images that are stuck in the mind and generate discomfort , anguish or despair. César Évora confesses that Televisa executives did not want to hire him “because he is Cuban”

“At night the monster beggars are frightening,” said Galilea Montijo, immediately afterwards she spoke of the postpartum depression she suffered several years ago with the birth of her only child.

” On the third day that I arrived at the house with Mateo, it was like: ‘ok, now what do you do?’ That’s where you wonder why everyone sleeps and I can’t sleep. And I felt that the buildings were coming down on me and I began to see life in black and white , “he said.

Galilea Montijo reveals that she could not give her son breast milk

The driver stated that part of her depression stemmed from the fact that she was unable to breastfeed her baby, something she longed to do to strengthen her mother-child connection.

” I couldn’t breastfeed , with all this -he pointed to his chest- , because they are just for decoration, with everything and the silicone they are for decoration… The milk did not come down, (they told me): ‘it will not be able to, You have to give him a bottle,’ this part was very difficult for me because if I wanted something, it was to have this bond , “he recalled.

Daniela Magun asked Montijo if he had been prescribed medication, because in his opinion the use of drugs to treat  mental health problems continues to be a taboo and “tricks his progress.” It was then that the driver pointed out that in the United States the treatment is very different from that given in Mexico, as she experienced when she returned to the country.

“I arrived in Mexico and I spoke to my gynecologist and he told me: ‘But how did they not give you?’ Of course they are two completely different countries,” he mentioned, to which Paola Rojas added: ” It is that in the United States it is easier get a gun than an antibiotic or antidepressant .”

“And here the first day I took the pill, at that moment I began to see colors , that’s how I talk about it,” he concluded.

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