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best upi payment apps in india

Fave – One Of The Best UPI Payment Apps In India

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Fave is the latest player in town on the UPI playing field. If you are a fan of cashback and exclusive offers and would like to get unlimited cashback on every UPI transaction then you must give Fave a try. It’s one of the best UPI apps in India giving users one of the most unique experiences.

What is UPI? 

UPI stands for United Payments Interface and is a platform developed by the Government of India to enable digital transactions across every bank and credit card network. It is a one-of-a-kind platform in the world that works seamlessly without any glitches. The transactions hardly take a few seconds and they can be used to pay for goods and services at any establishment, or seller who either has a merchant QR code or a VPA ID. Moreover, the transactions are completely secure without requiring either party to share any banking information while transacting.

What Makes Fave So Special? 

As mentioned, its most distinguishable factor is that you get cashback on every UPI transaction, something that is generally not offered by other UPI apps. With more than 6 million users, 21000+ offers, and counting, you can get cashback across 40000+ merchants in 4 different countries. Moreover, the app is completely safe as all information stored is securely behind a secret PIN defined by the user. This ensures that all transactions that take place using the app are authenticated and verified by the user preventing any instances of fraud. It is southeast Asia’s fastest-growing platform enabling savings on every digital transaction.

How to Get Cashback on the Fave App?

It is a 3-step process, here’s what you have to do!

  • Open the Fave app on your smartphone
  • Scan the QR code to pay the merchant
  • Get cashback

So, if you have been using UPI apps for a while now, it’s time to give the Fave app a shot to get the best of both worlds!

  • Make Direct bank transfers directly from your account to a friend’s account using nothing more than their contact number
  • Recharge mobiles, DTH, and much more through the Fave app
  • Works with all QR codes across stores
  • Get guaranteed cashback on every UPI transaction
  • 24/7 customer support to help address your issues
  • No hidden charges, or additional fees ever
  • Spend up to ₹1 lakh in a day
  • Make credit card payments, pay house rent, utility bills, loans, etc. from all within the app
  • Get Cashback expiry notification so that you never miss out on cashing them
  • Top offers are delivered to your smartphone every day

But Fave is not just great for consumers, it’s equally great for sellers as well. How? Let’s Find Out!

All in One Solution

  •  Fave takes a holistic approach and provides merchants with marketing, data analytics, and financing options so that businesses can focus on rewarding their best customers to increase customer loyalty toward the brand. 

Accepts All kinds of Digital Payments

  •  Not just QR codes, Fave lets businesses and merchants accept payments via cards and e-wallets. Moreover, all payments are directly credited to the business account for complete transparency and safety. 

Exclusive Loyalty Offerings 

  •  Businesses can set up their cashback programs to keep them coming back for more and increase their customer retention levels by up to 70%.

Completely Secure Process

  •  Fave provides a completely secure infrastructure to protect against risks such as online frauds and data breach that increases a business’s trust and value over time. 

Fave helps both customers and businesses get the best out of their UPI transactions, and unlike other apps offers far more benefits that you can’t expect from the competition. If you are a business owner, or a customer who prefers paying via UPI scan code over other payment methods, then download Fave right away to experience a world of difference!

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