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Fans laud Selena for Taking Up the Challenge of Cooking with Gordon Ramsay

Fans laud Selena for Taking Up the Challenge of Cooking with Gordon Ramsay

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When Selena Gomez, the heartthrob of many started her cooking show amidst the pandemic, it came as a relief for many who were tired of watching conventional shows. Selena, a prominent singer and actress presented herself in a new light with the show, Selena+Chef.

In this show, Selena hosted some of the most famous chefs across the globe, who joined her and taught her new recipes and cuisines. This was the first time Selena was working across the kitchen and considering the amateur chef that she was, she did really well. A celebrity of her stature challenges herself in every episode, learning recipes, and taking up the bashings of the chefs sportingly.

In this show, Selena hosted some of the most famous chefs across the globe, who joined her and taught her new recipes and cuisines. - Endeavour Articles

When it seemed that Selena had taken up enough challenges for herself, she signed in for something that can be a nightmare for many. Who is not acquainted with the anger of Gordon Ramsay? Yes, you got it right the man himself is quite a big name in the cooking industry. There are many instances on camera where Ramsay was seen to lose his temper and send shivers down for contestants. Ramsay’s short temper is well known in the industry and people have witnessed it in shoes like Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares.

So when it was known that a Selena Gomez and Gordon Ramsay episode will be aired in the fourth season of Selena+Chef, fans kept their fingers crossed and prayed for Selena to be able to withstand his temper of Ramsay.

A sneak peek into Ramsay’s Short Temper:

A sneak peek into Ramsay’s Short Temper - Endeavour Articles

Ramsay can be considered the king of food television, he has appeared in about 11 television cooking shows. Many regard him as the kingmaker in the culinary world where his training and provisioning of credentials to amateur and professional chefs have been fruitful.

However, if there is something that brought him under public scrutiny is his excessive yelling and swearing on camera. There is no doubt that Ramsay is an excessively talented and highly learned chef who has immense knowledge of recipes and cuisines, in short, he is a culinary genius, but his anger often takes away that from him.

Although all those who have watched the episodes of MasterChef Junior have witnessed Ramsay in a different light. There he has a softer side, he is lovable and understanding with the kids. Whereas, on the contrary on shows like Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, and Kitchen Nightmare, Ramsay can be seen with the worst temper constantly shouting and yelling at the contestant at the drop of a hat. Ramsay doesn’t take mistakes easily and takes up in himself to point them out and yell at the top of his voice to make a point before the contestants.

Selena’s interaction with Ramsay:

Just as the makers dropped a teaser of the Selena Gomez and Gordon Ramsay episode on social media, it went viral. Fans were definitely not expecting the quick-tempered Ramsay in an episode with the bubbly Selena. The teaser saw Ramsay getting irritated by the  confusing behaviour of Selena who is unable to take up the instructions correctly. This promotional clip was enough to drive fans crazy and worried at the same time for Selena.

Although throughout the show, Selena showed immense sportiveness and took the challenge to cook with Ramsay. What grabbed the attention of the fans is Selena not cracking up under pressure. She laughed out swearings of Ramsay and tried her best to juggle between his instructions and multitask at the same time.

Ramsay was seen losing his temper every now and then whenever Selena made a mistake in following his instructions. However, by the end of the show, apart from the yelling of Ramsay and a confused Selena, they manage to cook a delicious Buttered Steak with Chimichurri. It’s a simple recipe that takes about 20 minutes to cook. The nicely cooked juicy and rich steak is balanced with an aromatic and acidic chimichurri to bring a flavourful dish.

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How can you take cooking challenges?

If cooking shows interest to you but you are still not well acquainted with the kitchen, the best way out for you is to indulge in a Restaurant game. These games simulate a restaurant kitchen experience where you are exposed to the everyday challenges in a kitchen. From designing new dishes to catering to the tastes of the guests, you get to experience something very different from ordinary mobile games.

The most important and noteworthy factor of these games is that they are devoid of any kind of violence that could trigger anger issues. Rather these games are a source of knowledge and are also a good choice for children. Unlike war simulation games that are found to be affecting the psychology of children, these games inspire them to work in a kitchen and cook. Cooking is no doubt a great learn and will only benefit in the long run.

You can download games like Star Chef 2 which is a Restaurant game and is equally popular among children and adults. Challenge yourself in the virtual kitchen before heading towards a real kitchen and examining your skills.

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