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Dslr Microphone

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You have finally found the perfect DSLR camera. Now it is time to begin shooting video. There is one problem. What is the sound quality? It’s not as good as you expected. The majority of built-in microphones can only pick up very little sound. A microphone for your DSLR is a great option if you want professional-grade audio. Here are our top 10 choices for DSLR microphones. First, here are some things to remember.

How to choose your DSLR microphone

Your budget is the first thing to consider. A majority of high-quality DSLR microphones don’t need a large budget. The range of $30-300 is sufficient and will cover most of the items on this list. There are many microphones that cost more than $30, so it is worth reviewing the different types available before we move on to our list.

Shotgun microphones

These microphones are most popular and preferable for attaching to DSLRs. These microphones are very efficient and easy to use. Shotguns can be considered “highly-directional microphones”. Because of their long shape, they can pick up sounds that are difficult to reach from faraway places. Their main purpose is to filter out unwanted sounds to give you the clear sound that you want. These can be attached to your camera or on top boom poles.

Microphones Lavalier

These mics are clip-ons or body mics. They are used for interviews, product reviews, film, TV, and other situations where there is no ambient noise. They are not the best for outdoor recording.

Headset microphones

If you are recording in noisy environments, these can be very helpful. This can be useful for capturing the subject’s voice or other sounds in the noise. We wouldn’t recommend them for DSLRs.

Handheld microphones

The most common microphones that people know are handheld microphones. These microphones are the most commonly used by journalists and broadcasters. However, these microphones will not be as well-suited for shooting with a shotgun microphone. It all depends on the type of recording you are doing.

Rode VideoMic Pro+

This Rode mic is designed for DSLR cameras and other portable audio recorders. This mic is the best on the market, and is used by most professional vloggers. It has a supercardioid pattern that minimizes background noise and produces very low noise. The battery lasts for nearly 100 hours. Attached to a DSLR, the camera will turn on whenever it is turned on. This can greatly improve your battery life. You can also plug an extension cable right into your camera to make it turn on and off. This is the best option if you are a YouTuber or vlogger.

Tascam TM-2X

Two-mic-in-1 design by Tascam creates a stereo pattern X-Y to enhance your audio quality. They also have a switchable low cut filter that can be used to remove unwanted sounds from low frequencies. This is possible thanks to the windscreen. The windscreen also features a noise isolation arm that blocks any sound from the lens and other camera activity. Each mic can be adjusted on the shock mount, which can swivel 180°. It doesn’t need external batteries, which is an interesting feature. It draws power directly from your camera.

Zoom SSH-6

The shotgun microphone design is unique among the rest. This shotgun microphone design stands out from others. These are hand recorders. We recommend learning more about audio recording. The result will be a fully mono-compatible stereo.


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