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Droneify Cinema Studios and Exyn Technologies

Droneify Cinema Studios and Exyn Technologies

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Using cutting-edge drone technology, Droneify Cinema Studios is known for their breathtaking aerial shots. The studio combines technical skill with artistic vision to create movies that leave a lasting impression.

UAV manufacturer Inspired Flight aims to keep its drones flying for hours a day with the new DX-3 Vanguard, which pays homage to the F-14 fighter jet. This workhorse features hot-swap batteries and a longer flight time than competitors. If you are looking for visit this site


Percepto is the leading autonomous inspection and monitoring solution provider, revolutionizing how industrial sites manage critical assets. Its FAA-first exemption denial empowers customers to use drones to safely and efficiently boost site reliability, safety, and security – remotely. Global law firm Hogan Lovells helped Percepto achieve this milestone for the industry.

Percepto’s BVLOS denial was gained by demonstrating that the company’s pre-flight inspection went above and beyond FAA Part 107 requirements, proving that it did not require an exemption for operation. The company also worked to proactively engage with the FAA to address any questions it had.

Percepto’s drone-in-a-box solution includes a weatherproof base station and an on-site drone protected inside, charged and ready to fly at any time, allowing it to be operated remotely since 2018. Percepto Air drones are managed by AIM software designed for autonomous inspections and monitoring, automating and unifying visual data from the site in one place. This allows for safer, faster, and more accurate site evaluations.


Droneify’s flight operations team uses cutting-edge technology to create cinematic masterpieces. The company’s team of experts includes seasoned drone pilots and post-production artists who work together to produce stunning results. The company also has a strong commitment to safety.

In the future, drones will play a crucial role in the field of filmmaking. This is because drones offer a unique perspective that is not possible to achieve with traditional cameras. This has led to a revolution in the world of film production, opening up new possibilities for filmmakers.

The inspection & job site mapping drones market is expected to grow rapidly due to the increasing demand for remote asset and job site monitoring services. These drones provide remote inspection capabilities, situational awareness, and can collect data in confined spaces without putting human inspectors at risk. These drones are used in industries such as power and utility corridor mapping, oil and gas pipeline inspection, mining, and defense.

Exyn Technologies

Exyn Technologies is a drone technology company that provides all-in-one software and hardware that enables aerial robots to fly autonomously. Their system is designed to enable drones to safely and quickly navigate hazardous environments and create high-quality 3D maps without requiring human pilots.

The system combines LiDAR SLAM with their multi-sensor data fusion autonomy engine to enable robust perception and navigation in GPS-denied, low-light and hostile environments. It can also be enhanced with custom sensor integrations, such as radiation, gas, IR, heat maps and chemical detection.

The system enables the drone to automatically scan and map large warehouses and distribution centers, reducing cycle counts, improving inventory accuracy and safety for workers. It can even recognize and avoid moving obstacles in real-time. Exyn’s drones do all their processing onboard, so they don’t need to maintain constant communications with base stations and can use less battery power. They can operate independently for a long period of time, and can upload relevant data to the cloud upon completion of their mission.

CB Insights

Founded in 2015, Droneify is an innovative company that designs, develops and manufactures drones. Their drones are used by companies to conduct remote inspections and to capture high-resolution images. They also provide software and hardware solutions to manage their operations.

CB Insights is a tech market intelligence platform that predicts technology trends and allows businesses to make informed decisions about their markets, investments, and competitors. The platform has an extensive database on startups, investors, and industry trends. It also provides predictive analytics and patent analysis.

In addition, it provides information on industry trends and news, allowing users to track private companies and their funding activity. The platform also enables users to stay connected with their peers and competitors by automating news tracking, funding alerts, and more. Unlike PitchBook, which is more expensive, CB Insights offers a comprehensive set of tools for business owners and professionals. The platform also offers a free trial. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, so the best choice will depend on the needs of each user.

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