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Does Reducing Stress Help Alleviate Allergy and Asthma Symptoms?

Does Reducing Stress Help Alleviate Allergy and Asthma Symptoms?

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If you suffer from severe asthma it is likely that you know that if you stay clear of certain triggers like mold or pollen, you could help prevent symptoms like coughing and wheezing. However, did you realize that stress can cause asthma-related symptoms to worsen?

Anxiety and stress can cause physiological changes, causing our bodies to secrete hormones and chemicals which may cause an airway narrowing.

Research has proven that stress can trigger many negative health consequences. This is a result of stress causing an increase in symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. It’s only natural that you are looking to make your Christmas enjoyable and less stressful it is best to concentrate on ways to improve your health and peace.

Live More Allergy Comfortable

Here are some tips to help you remain calm and reduce sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing

Make sure you exercise regularly It helps to keep your emotions in check. But exercising in cold temperatures can increase the severity of asthma symptoms. If symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, tightness of your chest, or shortness of breath are experienced during exercise in cold temperatures, it may be an indication of asthma that is not being diagnosed. An Allergy Specialist will be able to diagnose asthma and assist the patient to treat symptoms.

How can you avoid triggers for allergies during cold winter months?

  • Begin by warming up by doing gentle exercises for around 15 minutes prior to starting to work harder.
  • Protecting your nose and mouth with a scarf, or mask for your face when exercising in the cold winter conditions.
  • Follow the advice of your Asthma Allergy doctor to avoid and treat asthma-related symptoms.
  • You should consider moving your workout program inside when the temperature is lower than the freezing point.

Make sure to use a flameless candle. Although some people might use a candle to relax and lighten up Christmas, candles that smell of cinnamon could trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. It is therefore recommended to choose a non-flame candle as well as an electronic fireplace. It’s a relaxing design and feel, and not a scent or smoke that could make you wheeze or cough.

Be prepared to fight off the flu – In a particular season, the flu is a possibility to pass through when you’re up close and personal with someone who is suffering from it. Events that you are planning could be more stressful than being afflicted with the flu, particularly for people with asthma.

It is essential to ensure you receive the flu vaccine early and clean your hands with a thorough and frequent wash.

Some people with egg allergies have been advised not to receive vaccination against influenza, research studies have proven that the vaccine is completely safe. Additionally, it doesn’t contain enough egg proteins to trigger reactions that are allergic. This is the case even for those with severe egg allergies. No specific precautions to protect against the vaccine are required for people suffering from egg allergy.

Few Other Tips:-

  • Make sure you choose a dust-proof mattress as well as pillow protectors. They are made of a tight weave to ensure that dust mites are not able to enter your bedding.
  • Don’t sleep with your pets. If you own pets, make sure they are away from the bedroom, to ensure that their dander doesn’t get stuck to bedding and carpeting.
  • Avoid areas with high levels of pollution – Like pollen, air pollution may cause asthma attacks in certain individuals. If air pollution triggers asthma for you, it is important to be careful not to exercise near highways or highly trafficked roads.
  • It is important to rest in the event of a bad illness – If you’re suffering from an illness of the respiratory system and aren’t feeling well, working out may be more challenging. Give your airways and yourself the chance to heal, following you are able to resume your fitness routine.
  • Finding activities that are suitable for asthma-like swimming at an indoor swimming pool can be perfect. This is due to the fact that you are enjoying a vigorous aerobic workout in a hot humid and moist atmosphere.


It’s too short to suffer from asthma or allergies. To get the best treatment, you should consult a reputable Allergist, and if you have a child, visit an Allergist for Children.

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