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Diet In Disease Prevention

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Numerous studies show that nutrition is a fundamental pillar in the prevention of diseases. It is one of the most studied factors in chronic diseases, although we cannot forget the determining role of nutrition in the proper functioning of the immune system and greater resistance in acute infectious processes.

Chronic diseases have a long duration and are usually slowly progressive. Diabetes, heart attacks, heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases are the main causes of mortality in the world, being responsible for 63% of deaths. In 2008, 36 million people died from a chronic disease. These are diseases clearly linked to our lifestyle, so we must attend to our way of life in a more committed and conscious way. The human body has a magnificent capacity for resilience and adapts to the surrounding environment to live in harmony, it can tolerate a large number of pathogenic or toxic agents if the immune system is strong. However, malnutrition by default or by excess can upset this balance.

We are in an overfed and paradoxically malnourished society, the WHO defines it as “The double burden of malnutrition” and so harmful is the excess of calories and certain nutrients (sugars, sodium or saturated fats) as the lack of vitamins or minerals essential for metabolism. The current diet, rich in foods of poor nutritional quality and high caloric density, does not provide optimal nutrition that favors the natural state of health of the body. What type of diet helps prevent diseases and promotes the general health of the body? There are three fundamental pillars that must be fulfilled in a healthy diet and are valid for all people: natural, nutritious, anti-inflammatory. Although the issue at hand is food, it is also important to clarify the importance of living in a healthy environment, having moderate but continuous physical activity, and an adequate emotional balance.

Natural food

The definition of the adjective “Buyinmind” says: “Of nature, related to it or produced by it without the intervention of man.”

When talking about natural foods, we must think of those that are minimally processed. It is clear that the human being is going to intervene in its production, preparation and cooking, but the important thing is to try that at least 80% of the products that reach the pan resemble as much as possible the product found in nature. The extraction of olive oil can be done by mechanical procedures, simply or by subjecting the fruit to high temperatures that alter the initial composition of the oil, if it is also refined; its fatty acid profile is completely changed. This must be taken into account in any product and always choose what is most similar to the product that was initially in nature more essential elements.

Organically grown vegetables have no pesticides, grow in nutrient rich soils and mature on the plant, this is the closest thing to wild and natural growth of any fruit in a forest, nothing to do with monoculture greenhouses and cold rooms of stored.

If I talk about animal products, I can maintain the same criteria. A free-range chicken that eats plants and fruits will grow in a more natural way and similar to how it would grow in the wild. Its meat will be rich in omega 3 and fibrous, without adding hormones or synthetic antibiotics.

Sometimes it is difficult to find these products around the corner, but, without a doubt, the organic sector grows more every day and we can eat more foods that meet these characteristics. It is common sense to think that all these foods are promoting health and are nourishing the body in a complete and healthy way.

To eat natural, you have to avoid prepared products and additives. And if you buy already processed foods, you should look for the most artisan and natural. For example, if you buy a loaf of bread, you have to look for one that contains organic products and has been prepared “just like at home”. Go to the supermarket thinking about the ingredients that one would put in your recipe and look for the closest thing. If I make bread at home I will put whole meal flour, water, sea salt and mother yeast, why buy bread that has binders, raising agents, oil and adulterated flour?

Nutritious food

Food is consumed to provide energy and nutrients; it should not provide anything else.

Today’s life is sedentary and comfortable. The car, the heater and the computer make life easier and caloric expenditure has decreased considerably. Therefore, fewer calories are needed today than before, but this should not compromise the amount of nutrients in the diet. You have to look for the most nutritious but less caloric options.

All refined foods provide calories but few nutrients, and this favors obesity and malnutrition at the same time. To prevent this double malnutrition, only natural foods are adequate.

When there are nutritional deficits, the body interprets it as a need for food. If poor quality foods are chosen, this “nutritional appetite” is never satisfied and the calories in the diet continue to increase without our needing them. However, eating quality, the body feels comfortable with less food.

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Anti-inflammatory food

Meat and dairy fats promote inflammation, to avoid this you have to avoid this type of fat and consume lean meat in moderation. However, small fish and extra virgin olive oil are adequate sources of fat that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that the body needs. An anti-inflammatory diet it must also maintain stable glucose levels, for this it will be free of fast sugars such as refined sucrose and refined flour. The consumption of carbohydrates should from whole grains, vegetables and fruits. It is also important to consume a large amount of antioxidants. Vegetable pigments are substances that have high antioxidant potential, so a colorful vegetable dish will be rich in different types of antioxidants.

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