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Caring For Your Newborn 6 Tips For New Parents

Caring For Your Newborn 6 Tips For New Parents

Table of Contents

You’ve probably been daydreaming about your new bundle of joy since you found out you’re pregnant! The heavenly baby scent. Their tiny little fingers and toes. The coos and cuddles. You must have read all the books, watched all the Youtube videos, and attended all the classes – you’re ready! But then, the baby arrives.

The truth is that no matter how prepared you feel, caring for a newborn isn’t just about what you know. It’s about being flexible and taking things one day at a time. There will be moments of sheer joy and moments of overwhelming stress. And so, you can always use whatever extra tips and advice you can get.

We have rounded some important ones to help you along the way.

Observe Your Child Closely During the Initial Weeks

You’ll be completely smitten when you finally hold your newborn in your arms. You’ll marvel at their adorable little body. But don’t get too caught up in the cooing and cuddling. Spend some time observing your newborn. This is important during the first few weeks. Skin rashes and swelling near the head can be more than just a cute birthmark. They may be a result of a childbirth injury. 

Weak arms and legs, for instance, can be a sign of Erb’s Palsy. It is a condition caused by a group of nerves damaged during a difficult delivery. It is a case of medical negligence that you can file a lawsuit for. If you feel something is wrong, get a free case review from an experienced lawyer to see if you’re eligible to file a medical negligence lawsuit. 

Stay on Top of Hygiene

Your little one is like a sponge, and they absorb everything around them. It could be germs, bacteria, or allergens. It is why hygiene is paramount when it comes to newborns. Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer before handling the baby. 

While your little one’s immunity isn’t built yet, avoid taking them to public places as much as possible. These places can be hotspots for germs and can put your baby at risk of getting sick.

Your baby’s environment must be germ-free too. Make sure everything is dirt-free, from the bed linen and clothes to their crib and toys. Use disinfectant wipes or hot water and soap to keep the surfaces clean.

Set Some Ground Rules for Visitors

Everyone’s excited to welcome the adorable munchkin. Your closest friends and distant relatives want to hold the baby and kiss their tiny foreheads. But that could mean exposing your child to illnesses like whooping cough and mumps.

Setting ground rules for your visitors and ensuring they follow them is best for your child. Ask them to wear masks and avoid kissing or touching your baby. It might sound a little strict, but it is vital for your child’s health in the long run.

Plus, newborns are the most receptive during the earlier weeks. It is your time to bond with them and get to know their cues. It is why limiting visitors is wise unless you’re ready.

Exercise Your Child’s Little Muscles

Your little one won’t have much mobility in the initial weeks. They’ll sleep a lot and won’t be able to hold their head up. But don’t worry. This is normal for newborns.

You can help them build muscles by engaging in ‘tummy time.’ Put your baby on their tummy and let them lie down for a few minutes daily. It will help build strength in their neck and back muscles.

Stimulate your baby’s vision using a mobile crib. You could even tie bright-colored balloons to their crib to give them something to focus on. Plus, it’s an excellent way to introduce your baby to the wonders of the world around them!

Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Your baby gets all the nutrition from breast milk or formula. But you must also make sure they are well hydrated.

If you’re breastfeeding, your body will naturally produce enough milk for your baby. However, if your milk supply is low, include foods like oats, almonds, avocados, and other healthy sources to support milk production. You might need help with latching and positioning your baby while breastfeeding. Contact a lactation consultant near you who can provide advice and support.

If you’re formula-feeding, make sure to give them the correct amounts of formula at the right intervals. Usually, newborns need to be fed every two to three hours.

You must also keep track of the number of wet and soiled diapers your baby produces. It will help you gauge if they’re getting enough fluids and nutrition.

Sleep is Important for Growth

Newborns need to sleep a lot since their minds and bodies are just beginning to grow and develop. Experts recommend that babies aged 1-4 months should get between 14-15 hours of sleep within 24 hours. So, you must establish a healthy sleeping routine that works for you and your baby.

Make sure there’s minimum noise, and the lights are dim enough for your little one to sleep soundly. Also, ensure that the humidity and temperature levels in the room are normal.

Swaddling is an excellent way to help your baby feel comfortable. Choose lightweight cotton or muslin materials for swaddling. Polyester or synthetic fabrics can cause sweating and disrupt your baby’s sleep.

It would be best to set a bedtime routine that works for you and your little one. In order to promote better sleep, give your baby a warm bath and massage their body with warm oil.

Prenatal Health Tips You Should Follow

Wrapping Up

Your little love needs your special care and attention. Ensure you take all the necessary precautions to keep them safe and happy. Monitor their growth and development and never hesitate to seek professional help if needed. 

As a new parent, your instinct is to give all your time to your newborn. But don’t forget yourself in the process. Ask for help when you need it.

Above all, spend as much time with your baby as possible. Look into their eyes and talk to them. They recognize your voice and touch. Enjoy this special time with your baby as much as possible.

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