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Calimingo Los Angeles Pool Contractors - Dream Team Promos

Calimingo Los Angeles Pool Contractors – Dive in for the Win

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If your backyard is not cool, let us transform it with a luxury pool. You’ll value our services because we’re reputable Los Angeles pool contractors. Also, we have over a decade of experience and dozens of raving reviews.

How We Operate

We understand that it’s not easy to pick a luxury pool design. For this reason, we give every potential customer the opportunity to complete a survey. Our survey helps us create refined blueprints, and it helps us better understand what our customers desire.

However, the key to our success is communication, and it starts with a basic discussion. If you work with us, we’ll ask you different questions about your lifestyle. Your feedback will help us create the building blocks for the job.

We Can Help You Build the Ultimate Backyard

With our crew on your side, there is no guesswork. If you need some ideas to spruce up your property, here are a few fantastic concepts to consider.

A Backyard with an Infinity Pool

This type of pool makes a great centerpiece because it has low edges. This design aspect creates a unique optical illusion. It makes the water appear as if it’s pouring over the edge of the wall.

If you’re interested in an infinity pool, we recommend a negative-edge pool or a moat-style pool. Both of these pools will work well on a balcony.

A Lap Pool

A lap pool is a compact pool for a confined area. It has a straight layout that’s fit for short laps.

If you prefer a different shape, it’s possible to build a custom lap pool. A custom design can have a more angler shape or a geometrical style.

A Saltwater Pool

A saltwater pool comes with a few perks. For starters, it will not require frequent maintenance. Unlike a traditional pool, a saltwater will never need chlorine or other chemicals because saltwater has its own chemical properties. In addition to this, saltwater will dry or irritate your skin.

A Zero-Entry Pool

When it comes to sophistication, nothing beats a zero-entry pool. This pool does not come with any accessories because it’s supposed to mimic the look of the ocean.

To access this pool, you must proceed forward to the entry point. It gradually inclines like the sand transitions to the ocean floor.

A Pool with Fancy Tiles

The tiles are the highlight of a pool. If you pick the right design, it will make your pool stand out.

In the world of pools, nothing beats the look of blue tiles. However, if you want to give your pool more character, we recommend a mosaic pattern in a different tone.

A Pool with Mood Lights

Mood lights represent a high level of luxury. If you want to light up your world, we can enhance your property with traditional lights or designer lights. Traditional mood lighting emits vibrant white light, and designer lights emit different shades of light.

Take the Leap with Our Los Angeles Pool Contractors

If you’d like your backyard needs a touch of flair, our pool contractors in Los Angeles are standing by. Contact us today, and we’ll help you make a splash.

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