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Best 2 Ways to Start Blog Without Hosting

Best 2 Ways to Start Blog Without Hosting

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Are you going to Start your own blog? But don’t have money to purchase hosting? Don’t worry, I’m Going to tell you that how you can start your own blog without purchasing hosting. If you want to check for instant ideas these best domain name idea generators for personal website available with lowest cost plans

There are many options for hosting from them you can try with DomainRacer plans if you ever wish.

When I started blog, I also don’t have money to buy any hosting even cheapest one. I Had read article about free blog so I thought to start free blog. and If I could succeed, I purchased domain.

But I’ll give you advice that at least you should purchase domain name. You can go with DomainRacer.

After Purchasing Domain, you need not to purchase hosting. When You Will earn money, You’ll have to purchase it.

So Be Ready and sit properly to read how one can start blog without hosting.

2 Ways to Start Blog Without Buying any Hosting Plan

So These are two ways to setup your domain with free hosting. These are simple hacks not the rocket science. Most popular best domain registrar provider create your online presence with a unique name for small business at affordable cost.

Connect Your Domain with Blogger Hosting

Yes, you can connect your custom Domain with Blogger. First you also have to get your domain and DomainRacer have many types for domain. That’s Interesting, Isn’t It? Blogger provides services like creating free blog but here you can add your custom domain too. And You can take advantage of blogger’s Hosting.

How to Connect Domain with Blogger?

It’s a very easy process.

Video Tutorial to Add Custom Domain to Blogger

  • Create a Blogger Account from
  • Set any Title (It can be changed).
  • set a unique url and Create free Blogspot Blog.
  • After that go to the settings and clicking on basics go the “add third party domain”.
  • Add your domain name Here.
  • After Clicking Save you will see a msg under that domain.
  • Now You’ll have to go on your domain provider’s Account.
  • Go to DNS.
  • Add Given CNAME.
  • Add 4, A host.
  • After sometimes open your blogger’s setting and click on Save button again.
  • Now Your domain is Added.
  • Now you can use Blogger’s Hosting.

Connect Your Domain with DomainRacer –

This method is tougher than above one. Because in this method You’ll have to setup your Cloud server. Then you’ll have to hosted Your Blog.

You can watch many DomainRacer Tutorial to setup cloud server and Host your website. On a DomainRacer YouTube you will find a lots of tutorial there.


So, these were the methods from which you can connect your domain without hosting. And When You will make money, you can Purchase any reliable hosting Plan from DomainRacer etc.

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