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Benefits Of Using Water Filters In The Shower

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They kill bacteria that reside on shower heads.

In due course, millions of bacteria begin to breed in the nooks and crannies of the shower head, and when you use the shower water that comes directly from the pipe, these bacteria find their way to you too. A shower filter kills 99% of these bacteria and only gives you pure water, so this is one of the most important benefits of a shower filter.

Make your skin feel smoother and younger

One of the biggest benefits of using a shower filter in your bathroom is that your skin will become softer and younger after each use, as most of these contaminants in the water can dry out your skin and cause wrinkles. Elements like lead, chlorine and more can be really harmful to your skin and can lead to dryness and fine lines if you expose your skin to contaminated water on a regular basis.

The use of shower filters reduces the risk of some types of cancer.

Studies have shown that chlorine in unfiltered water is absorbed by the skin and that continued absorption can increase the risk of cancer. Scientists have also said that exposure to chlorinated water is more dangerous than drinking unfiltered tap water.

Installing a shower filter reduces respiratory problems.

Continuous inhalation of chlorine while showering can lead to the development of asthma and bronchitis symptoms in adults and children. Removing chlorine from the water can reduce this risk and prevent your lungs from being damaged. Other elements present in the water also present a health hazard if they are not removed from the water with the help of these filters.

Regular use improves the quality of your hair

Have you ever wondered why your hair feels rough and dry without shine? You can blame this on chlorinated water as it absorbs the natural moisturizing oils from the scalp. This leads to dull and dry hair over a period of time and can also lead to hair loss if the water is not pure in your locality, so using a shower filter is a must to prevent hair loss.

How to install a shower head?

Installing a new shower head is not as easy as changing a light bulb, however we recommend that you follow the instructions below.

Step 1

When starting out, decide whether or not you want to keep the existing shower arm, that is, the angled pipe that the shower head attaches to. If your shower arm has rusted over time, or if it doesn’t match the finish of your new shower head, throw it away. A socket wrench gets the job done when bare hands fail. Keep in mind that while shower heads don’t usually come with shower arms, you should find a suitable one that comes all together.

Step 2

Skip this step if you have chosen to keep your existing shower arm. To install a new shower arm, start by wrapping its threads, two or three times, with sealing tape better known as Teflon. Stretch the tape slightly, while applying it. Then carefully twist the pipe into the wall fitting and then seal the wall opening with plumber’s putty. Slide the shower flange over the arm and press it into the putty. Then wipe off the excess.

Step 3

The next step depends on the type of shower head you have purchased. If yours is the type that attaches directly to the arm, here’s what to do: Use Teflon to wrap the threads at the base of the shower arm and then rotate the shower head into position, being careful to do not tighten it too much. If you use pliers instead of a wrench, protect the finish of the accessory with several layers of cloth or plastic tape.

To be sure, check the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning the installation. Since, here, the installation consists only of screwing the fixed or hand shower head into the shower arm, before screwing the flexible hose of the hand shower into the bracket.

And ready I install your shower head.

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