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Affordable Molding Designs

Beautiful and Affordable Molding Designs

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Shaping or cutting surfaces to create depth and dimension in space is known as molding. With some skillful woodworking, it gives your home remodeling designs a final touch. It has countless inventive applications, whether it is ornamental or practical.

Tommy D’s provides residential and commercial premises with a wide selection of reasonably priced molding styles. They can be used for many things, including doorway casing, quarter-round molding, fiberboard or solid wood, stained or unstained. Below is a list of the different molding designs in Philadelphia that you can choose for your home.

Crown Molding

It is among the most often utilized molding kinds in interior design. This molding design in Philadelphia gives your room the appearance of a crown. Where a wall meets the ceiling is where a crown trim is put in. There are various crown molding styles, including quite complex and ornate designs.

Your choice of crown molding type is based on your style. Nonetheless, modifying the molding size to the room’s measurements is usually advised. The crown molding should be more comprehensive in larger spaces.

Casing molding

It can be used both decoratively and practically. It fills in the spaces that could otherwise show between walls and the frames of doors and windows. Casing molding is quite helpful in hiding incomplete drywall gaps. Casing molding is typically between 2 and 3 inches broad, though sizes are available for large entrances. Architraves are another term for casings. They come in a range of styles and designs, just like other kinds of moldings.

Chair Rail molding

Chair rails represent an additional instance of moldings with two functions. The main use of this molding design in Philadelphia is to keep furniture from scratching or damaging the walls. Since people frequently move chairs or tables against the walls in dining rooms and kitchens, these spaces are prone to have them.

Tommy D’s chair rails decoratively distinguish the upper and lower portions of the walls. This gives consumers more outstanding artistic options regarding wall colors, hues, and patterns. Paint and wallpaper combinations on either side of the chair rail are also very common.

Baseboard Molding

Baseboards are the most prevalent kind of trim seen in homes, which define a room’s bottom edge and provide style. This molding design in Philadelphia also conceals spaces that exist between the flooring and wall bottoms. Baseboards come in various forms, from small, narrow ones to 6-inch or taller ones common in many older homes.

Picture Frame Wall Molding

It is only ornamental and is frequently built with four molding pieces to resemble a picture frame. Although this wall element is less prevalent than other trim kinds, many antique homes and formal designs feature its lovely and distinctive look.


If you don’t have the required expertise or skill, don’t settle for less than excellent work. Employ a specialist to ensure that it is installed correctly. Tommy D’s ensures you can find the precise molding you need and want by keeping a large selection of high-quality materials in hand. So, use Tommy D’sto modify your home creatively.

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