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Top 10 Benefits of an Automated Admission Management System Top 10 Benefits of an Automated Admission Management System - Dream Team Promos

Top 10 Benefits of an Automated Admission Management System

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A huge and challenging task for institutions presently is managing the increasing number of students every day. Since students had the opportunity to seek online education during the pandemic, even after it, they haven’t stopped pursuing their educational goals through the digital format. But first- they need to select the right course. Institutions set up several innovative websites to match student requirements. This process is further streamlined with admission portals.

Manual admissions are lengthy and time-consuming and thus they are inefficient when compared to automated admission systems, to negate these problems we can use an online cloud-based admission management system.

What Is An Online Admission Management System

What Is An Online Admission Management System

An online admission management system is software which unifies all the applications and documentation required for student admission, it allows creating a student profile as the first step. Once the administrative unit approves or matches the student-school criteria, they are allowed to proceed with their admission process.

Often, Institutions also rely on mobile phone applications for easy access. They can check all the updates of their status online, and even receive notifications or reminders in real time. The online admission system is noted for its user interface, particularly its user-friendliness and transparency. The software makes the life of administrative staff easy too by integrating the system with their department.

What is the need for an Automated Admission Management System?

Technology has leaked into all sectors of society and has become an important part of the world, most importantly the internet which provides connectivity like never before. Similarly, it remains irreplaceable in the educational sector too. Almost all facets of a traditional classroom have some digital element to them like an LMS portal or an app, the same is true for the admission management system which has been automated to a certain degree.

10 Benefits of Automated Admission Management System:-

  1.  Submission of applications from several channels or sources

Having a single channel available for the acceptance of applications is challenging and resource-consuming. As the institution has to spend more resources on advertising the school and getting itself out in a competitive market, its investment in an online portal reduces much workload. Whereas they can just use an Admission Management System.

2. Tracking application status

In an admission process, tracking an application status is very important for both students and institutions. An online portal allows a certain amount of transparency about the application status of the students or candidates.

3. Automation of the criteria of selection

The selection process can be automated to a certain extent by allowing the system to decide which students match the criterion for selection.

4. Advanced Analytics

An online admission management system allows for the viewing of certain analytics like reach and views of an institution on various platforms where they have chosen to market themselves, this can be a key criterion for the growth of an institution

5. Convenience

An automated online admission management system allows for a smooth user experience for both the administrator and the user, this intuitiveness allows a smooth admission.

6. Availability

Unlike physical admission, which has a threshold for every criterion like a limiting number of applications, open timings of the office, etc, the student admission management system negates that drawback by providing 24×7 availability.

7. Reach out to interested candidates 

With making a process online there come the advantages of reaching a larger audience and getting more interested candidates, which can convert into potential students. This increases the profit margins while reducing the cost of advertising.

8. Cost-effective solution to admission

Admission can be a very expensive venture for an institution but this is the only way of bringing steady profits. Thus having a cost-effective solution to admission is always a good thing for an institution.

9. Accuracy

An online admission management system can increase accuracy and reduce the discrepancy in candidate information. As most of the forms will be digital negating the possibility of error.

10. Reduced paperwork

With such a system comes the added benefit of less paperwork to go through as all the necessary information is stored on the server side of the admission management system thus providing reliable storage of data without the hassle of papers and files.

Allow your institution to enhance its administrative departments alongside investing in an admission portal for better productivity of all the stakeholders- Students, Teachers, Parents, and school staff alike.

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