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Flexible Packaging Suppliers

Top 6 Questions Asked About Flexible Packaging Suppliers

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You have probably seen the rapid increase in flexible packaging in many stores across the nation. Many companies seek new ways to display their products and grab their customers’ attention. You may have even investigated or tested flexible food packaging for your products, but finding the right supplier is important. Therefore, these are some questions you should ask.

Questions About the Supplier

First, you want to make sure you work with a reputable company. Therefore, these are a few questions you should ask about the supplier itself.

What Kind of Customer Service Can I Expect?

When you work with a packaging supplier, you want a partner, not a one-off supplier. Discuss how the business will help you determine your product needs. Some organizations offer filling and distribution services, while others may help you find the equipment you need to fill your own packages. The company representatives should want to know as much about your product as you can tell them so they can help you choose the best packaging options and guide you through the ordering process.

Do You Have Order Minimums?

It is unlikely that you will find a packaging supplier that does not have a minimum order requirement. However, some have much higher minimums than others. You may want to do a test run with a lower packaging quantity or you may have a limited-edition product that requires a lower number of packages. Even small and medium-sized businesses don’t often need significant numbers of packaging.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

You should know how long it will take from the day you place your order until your packages get delivered to your facility. While some companies offer a 5-day turn, others may take much longer, such as up to 12 weeks. The company, your order amount and the customizations may increase or decrease your turnaround time.

Questions About the Products and Services

Next, you should ask about the products and services the supplier offers. You may feel surprised by the options available.

What Types of Customizations Do You Provide?

You may want stand up pouch printing for your products, but have customization requirements. Traditional lithography can take much longer and may have a higher order minimum. Digital printing is faster and offers expanded graphics and convenience as well as smaller order sizes. Also, ask about packaging sizes and shapes as well as the materials the company uses to make them.

What Types of Packaging Do You Make?

Packaging suppliers often have a variety of products available. You may want stand-up pouches with a gusset or something with a flat bottom. You could also choose roll stock pouches that increase your efficiency and reduce waste. You may choose three-sided pouches that reseal or web quad bags for larger items.

What Brands Have You Worked With and Can I Receive Packaging Samples?

Most reputable companies want you to see their products. They should offer to send you samples and discuss the brands they work with regularly. They may even provide you with references you can call.

As you begin creating your custom printed stand up pouches, make sure you work with a supplier who can provide what you need, has exceptional customer service and wants to partner with you and see your business succeed.

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