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Are You a Restaurant Worker? Be Aware of These Injuries!

Are You a Restaurant Worker? Be Aware of These Injuries!

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Working in the food service industry, such as restaurant workers, can be extremely rewarding. However, accidents can occur in any workplace, and restaurant workers are no exception.

What are the most common injuries for restaurant workers? 

Due to the nature of their job, some of the most common injuries that restaurant workers face are: 

  • Slip and fall accidents 

Nearly 4 million slip-and-fall accidents take place across restaurants every year. Slip and fall accidents can have many causes, such as improper grease disposal, not maintaining drink machines properly, lack of anti-slip flooring, or failure to clear up spills and messes. 

  • Strains 

Lifting heavy objects without proper training, repetitive motions, standing in one place for too long, or a slip and fall accident can cause strains and muscle sprains. 

  • Cuts and lacerations 

Nearly 25% of all injuries faced by restaurant workers involve cuts or lacerations. Emphasis on speed or dull knives could be the cause of these accidents. Things like broken glass or meat slicers can also lead to cuts and lacerations. It is important to ensure that protective gloves are used and that all machines and sharp objects are in proper condition. 

  • Burns 

Every restaurant worker would probably have to deal with burn marks at some point. This is especially true for chefs that spend long hours over a hot grill. Hot splashing liquids, deep fryers, and oven steams are all things that can cause burn accidents in restaurants. It is important to ensure that protective gloves or oven mitts are used and that all machinery is handled according to the directions. 

  • Eye damage 

Sanitizing chemicals or grease splatters can cause a lot of damage to the eyes. If not treated immediately, it can lead to long-lasting vision damage. 

If you have been involved in a work accident or have sustained an injury in the workplace, you should contact workers’ compensation lawyers Richmond immediately. 

How to prevent restaurant worker injuries? 

Some tips to prevent restaurant worker injuries are: 

  • Keep floors clean and dry 
  • Install anti-skid rubber mats 
  • Wear appropriate shoes 
  • Make sure high-traffic areas stay clutter-free 
  • Teach proper methods for heavy lifting 
  • Make sure that repetitive tasks are distributed among different people throughout the day 
  • Stay protected from splashes and hot objects 

How to prevent restaurant worker injuries? 

Contact a workers’ comp attorney today

If you have sustained an injury at work or due to work-related reasons, you may be eligible for compensation. Reach out to an experienced workers’ comp attorney and learn more about the legal options available for recovering your losses. 

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