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Acrylic vs Glass Photo Frames – Why?

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Photo frames are indispensable when it comes to preserving and showcasing the memories of your beloved ones. Other than memories, you can even display your artwork and other precious crafts ideas in these photo frames. For this purpose, various frames of different materials, sizes, and prices are available in the market. You can select your preferable photo frame out there, such as glazing material, uv printing on acrylic frames, and many more.

If we talk about the best frames, Acrylic and glass come to our mind, and obviously, these two frames make up the whole framing idea appreciably. So, next time when you have crafts pieces or family pictures, consider opting out of acrylic and glass photo frames. Since these two frames are impeccable, still they contain lots of differences. So, first, try to understand them both carefully so that you can buy the best one for your sweet memories.

In the further article, we will discuss the difference between Acrylic and glass photo frames. Which material is considered best, and why do you choose any one out of both? You need to scroll below to find your content:

What is Acrylic and glass material?

If you want to know about the difference between Acrylic and glass, you must know about its material and what they are.

Acrylic photo frame:

Acrylic is Plexiglas made from flexible plastic and is shatter resistant. For this reason, it is durable and non-breakable and stays as it is throughout your life. Acrylic is also more transparent than any other material. Because of this reason, you can find that Acrylic is a little costlier. However, you can move to Acrylic as it is sturdy, robust, and last long.

Glass photo frames:

As the name shows, the glass photo frames are made out of glass material. We can not say glass a durable and non-breakable as it is fragile and delicate. You need extra care while maintaining glass material. Plus, glass material is heavy though. Because of having various cons, it still has some best pros, such as it is scratch-proof and easy to clean. It contains some tints as it is transparent, so almost people like to have glass frames in their homes. Also, you can find them affordable and easy to availability.

UV Acrylic frames and glass frames:

As we know, ultraviolet rays are harmful that can damage anything. Here, if we talk about the frames, UV Acrylic and glass frames contain a protective coating that can withstand the harsh sunlight rays effectively and keep your paintings safe and secure. The manufacturer adds these amazing features in Acrylic and glass photo frames that can keep the color and other materials fabulous by the time. Further, UV Acrylic is certainly a worthwhile option if you want to keep your memories safe throughout your life. So, if strength and durability come to your mind, choose UV Acrylic forever.

Acrylic vs Glass photo frames:

  • Material quality:

If we talk about the quality of both frames, here Acrylic frames are anti-reflection, robust, and lost lasting. On the other hand, glass frames are tinted, reflective, delicate, and fragile. Acrylic frames are unlikely to break and are shatterproof, and glass frames can damage easily due to weight.

  • Maintaining process:

Acrylic frames are easy to maintain and transported from one place to another. On contrary, the glass material is complicated to handle as it requires extra care and protection while handling.

  • Ability to preserve:

If we talk about the preserve, Acrylic frames contain moderate protection against scratching, UV protection, and save photographs from debris and other harsh stuff. On the other hand, glass frames protect the stuff from debris, scratching, and UV rays as well.

  • Affordability:

Acrylic material is costlier than glass material due to the expensive shipping process

Which is the better option to buy: Acrylic or Glass

It is still difficult to say that Acrylic or glass is better than both the photo frames contain the highest level of protection that can easily protect and preserve your beloved memories amazingly. Both of the frames contain UV protection against harsh sun rays as they contain the safeguards to withstand UV rays perfectly. However, one thing makes a big difference that is price. Yes, Acrylic frames come costlier than glass frames.

Due to the various difference, it mainly depends on personal preferences. Some people choose glass material over Acrylic as they feel comfortable with the glass.


After going through the above comparison, we have concluded that Acrylic frames are a better option than glass if we talk about durability and sturdiness. Although Acrylic frames are costly, it is the choice of many people to preserve their valuable pictures and other decorative material.

However, glass material is also another best option if we talk about the preservation of any artwork and photography. Thus you can choose any material out of acrylic or glass accordingly.

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