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Accelerating Digital Transformation

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Table of Contents

Versa Networks is changing the way enterprises and MSPs manage their networks. Versa’s secure SD-WAN delivers unified networking and security with a multi-service software platform for zero-touch deployment, automation, and life-cycle management.

Unified Software Stack

Integrated hardware and software platform enables simplified network management. The single-pipeline unified SASE platform combines SD-WAN, scalable routing, genuine multi-tenancy, and security with advanced analytics. It enables MSPs to simplify operations while providing their Enterprise customers with better reliability and application performance.

Legacy branch architectures need help to keep pace with evolving security and networking requirements. Managing multiple tools, patches, and configurations can lead to complex sprawl, swivel chair management, and increased cost.

Versa’s VOS delivers a uCPE that supports a service chain of third-party WAN optimization and security services to provide a seamless, reliable network and secure connectivity. Our unified network management allows context-aware traffic steering and WAN optimization, ensuring high-quality performance of on-premises and cloud applications. The unified platform also simplifies the deployment and life cycle management of networks, sites, circuits, and security policies. Allows streamlined operations, improved time-to-revenue, and a platform for new managed services.

Single Management Interface

With a unified management interface, Versa Networks provides contextual visibility for users, devices, locations, circuits, and applications. It enables administrators to set security, networking, and SD-WAN policies through one single pane of glass. This centralized approach simplifies policy enforcement for the entire network.

With the platform’s robust policy engine, SASE automatically creates full mesh, partial mesh, hub & spoke, and other arbitrary topologies optimizing for flexible hybrid deployment. The platform also provides built-in workflows for expeditiously designing and deploying proven and security-validated designs.

Versa’s software-based architecture and low-cost appliances allow organizations to reduce Capex and Opex while accelerating their ability to deploy new branch offices and dynamically add networking and security services. Additionally, the centralized monitoring system integrated with robust policies for auto-healing optimizes uptime. It frees teams up to focus on strategic IT projects. The result is a secure, high-performance, scalable, and reliable enterprise network.

Disruptive Pricing Model

When a technology startup goes head-to-head against established industry giants, it must take a more sophisticated approach than simply undercutting the market price. Otherwise, it will find itself struggling to survive and keep its edge.

The team has found a way to deliver significant benefits through its innovative pricing model. In addition to eliminating hidden costs and unnecessary integrations, it provides customers with a complete suite of SASE services without placing financial strain on their budgets.

The company’s Secure SD-WAN offers comprehensive, integrated security, scalable advanced routing, genuine multi-tenancy, and sophisticated analytics delivered via one software stack and management interface. Using Versa, enterprises can improve application performance, simplify their infrastructure, reduce costs, and meet compliance requirements. For example, a digital marketing firm achieved four-nines availability for critical applications with zero-touch deployment and simplified operations with a single multi-service platform.

Robust Security

Versa Networks offers robust security services baked right into the network. It’s a unified software platform incorporating NGFW and UTM functions, providing end-to-end security in the cloud or on-premises and managed via a single management interface.

It also includes advanced routing, genuine multi-tenancy, a cloud-native infrastructure, and security integration with other 3rd party solutions to deliver a unified SD-WAN fabric. Moreover, the product features built-in identification capabilities that help manage millions of applications and protocols.

The company’s patented technology addresses significant networking challenges for service providers and large enterprises. Its customers can accelerate digital transformation while reducing costs, improving network resiliency and performance, and addressing compliance. Its team of industry veterans is highly regarded, and the company has a strong retention rate for employees and engineers. The NFV market is snowballing ($6B by 2020), and Versa is well-positioned to capture this opportunity with innovative products that are proven, secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

High-Bandwidth Connectivity

Securing a digitally transformed enterprise requires a highly adaptable network. Versa’s security, networking, and SD-WAN solution delivers on this promise with a full-featured SASE architecture, scalable advanced routing, genuine multi-tenancy, and sophisticated analytics.

It enables IT to re-architect their branch and WAN networks by eliminating the need for expensive, dedicated appliances. By utilizing their innovative Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology, networking, and Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), Versa Networks can swiftly respond to business demands while saving on Capital Expenditures (Capex) and Operational Expenditures (Opex).

Multi-Service Software Platform

In today’s remote work and multi-cloud applications, enterprises seek secure, low latency, and high-throughput connectivity from their branch offices and remote workers to their data centers and cloud. Versa’s industry-leading SD-WAN and security capabilities meet these demands while reducing cost complexity and increasing performance.

The unified software platform delivers comprehensive networking and security services managed by our single, centralized console. With security ‘baked right in,’ this means a consistent set of services, features, policies, and configurations across both on-premises and cloud deployments.

The distributed system of SD-WAN gateways is deployed on-premises at global locations, delivering distributed on-ramps for users/devices and sites to connect to workloads and applications in private or public clouds. These on-ramps are connected by an application-aware, high-speed backbone that optimizes reachability based on real-time network conditions. It enables end-to-end observability and control to ensure a great user experience.

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