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7 Effective Ways to Prevent a Clogged CBD Vape Cartridge + How to Store it Correctly? (2023)

7 Effective Ways to Prevent a Clogged CBD Vape Cartridge + How to Store it Correctly? (2023)

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Anyone who engages in vaping understands the importance of a smooth airflow that allows you to take flavorful hits. Without this, it becomes underwhelming as you can neither inhale the fumes from your vape properly nor enjoy the flavor you want. When this happens, it could signify that you have a clogged vape. But do not worry; it is not impossible to fix, and you can easily prevent it from happening again. Here’s a look at what you should keep in mind to avoid clogging your vape device.

7 Effective Ways to Avoid a Clogged Vape That You Must Know

  • Taking Small Hits

With every hit you take, you inhale a level of CBD for your desired effect. The more you inhale at once, the more fumes have to flow through the mouthpiece, which can lead to a condensation buildup from the fumes. The longer it sits there, the chances of a condensation clog increase due to the collection within the mouthpiece. Taking small hits means there won’t be enough leftover fumes for condensation that can clog your device.

  • Avoid Using Viscous Oils 

Viscosity refers to how thick a liquid is. Using a thick oil in your vape device can often cause difficulties in its flow within the chamber, leading to clogging. Unless you are looking for a THC oil, CBD oils with a desirable dosage and low viscosity can help prevent your device from clogging.

  • Avoid Storing the Vape in Cold Temperatures

Avoid Storing the Vape in Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can affect the thickness of the CBD oil you’re using. The thicker the oil gets, the harder it will be to achieve a smooth flow, affecting the airflow within the device. It could collect within the chamber and lead to a clogged device. Keeping it away from cold weather conditions can help you avoid this problem.

  • Consistently Clean Your Vape 

Sometimes, a vape device may clog because it hasn’t been cleaned well. Periodically cleaning out the mouthpiece, oil chamber, etc., can remove any unwanted residue that could possibly clog your device in the future. Hence, ensure that you always keep the vape clean to avoid these risks.

  • Choose a Trusted Vape Brand

Many may not know this, but choosing a vape device from a low-quality brand can affect your vape. They often produce faulty devices more likely to spoil and get clogged within a few uses. To avoid these risks, always choose a vape cartridge or pen from a reputable brand that has been in the market for a significant amount of time, as it will help you ensure that you receive a reliable product for your vaping experience.

  • Preheat Oil Before Taking a Hit

Preheating helps reduce the viscosity of the oil if it has become slightly thick. Giving the 510 thread battery a few seconds to heat up ensures that it can smoothly pass through the airway and not leave any residue that can lead to a clogged device.

  • Replace Mouthpieces on Time

Sometimes you may have no choice but to replace a vape mouthpiece if it isn’t functioning the way it should. Doing this as soon as possible will help you avoid clogging your device and oil collection or fume condensation within the vape device. A new mouthpiece will make your vape work well like it’s supposed to, giving you a satisfying vaping experience.

How Should You Store Your Vape Device to Avoid Clogging?

How you store your vape device can significantly affect the chances of it clogging. Keeping it upright in a vape case, away from extreme hot and cold temperatures, is the best way to ensure that your vape stays in good shape. Ensure that the place you store it in is clean and away from any risk of falls, water, dust, etc. It will ensure that your vape remains healthy and functions smoothly for the long haul.

Ensuring that your vape functions smoothly is critical for a satisfying vape experience. You want to do everything possible to maintain it and avoid any damage, such as clogging. By keeping these pointers in mind, you will not only prevent such instances but also increase your device’s lifespan, leading to a fulfilling and flavor-filled vape experience.

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