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Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer

3 Ways To Get Voluminous Hair with Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer

Table of Contents

One of the most frequent demands of thin haired woman is wanting volume to the hair. Not only adding volume will change your whole look and help you to style various trending hairstyles but the hair also appears to be healthy. So, if you are also figuring out ways to achieve voluminous hair to slay your parties, events, brunch, or any special occasion look, you have arrived at the right place!!

This blog is a guide to get voluminous hair with the help of Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer to build your own volumizing hair style for parties, events, and everything in between. Gone are the days when you ought to visit salon to get a bounce in the hair because with Vega, all your hair styling dreams will come true with utmost ease and convenience.

However, there is a small prep you need to do before hair styling to pump up the volume just what you like it!

Step #1: Neatly comb the hair using a Vega Hair Comb from its exclusive range of collection. Choose the perfect one for your hair no matter the thickness or texture. They produce less static charge and reduce hair breakage, which are major problems for many women.

Step #2: Just to add protection for your hair before styling, squeeze a few drops of Vega Nature Care Hair Serum before using. It acts as a heat protectant as it is made up of 5 active ingredients including Bhringraj extract, Olive extract, Amla extract, Castor Oil, and Vitamin E essential for Growth and Nourishment of your hair. It also tames frizz and gives shiny, silky or smooth luscious locks.

Now, keep scrolling and don’t forget to take notes fellas!

  • Hair Styling For the Crown Area

Hair Styling For the Crown Area

To all the girls out there who have flat thin hair on the crown area, adding volume can create an illusion of thicker and bouncy hair. For this reason, Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer is certainly the best hair styling tool because it adds extra volume and fluff to the hair by creating textured pattern, thanks to its unique chequered ceramic coated plates which allow even heat distribution and provides lustrous texture. All you need is to evenly section the upper area of the hair and use Vega Hair Volumizer. As a result, your crown hair looks naturally full and bouncy.

  • Hair Styling For Parties

For those days when you want to put in extra effort without wasting too much time for hair styling, Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer comes as a rescue. You can be as experimental as you may like after adding volume to the hair through this amazing hair styling appliance. This trick is great for making many hairstyles like braids, puffs, or twist etc. as per your desire. If you are making fishtail or dutch braids, Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer is the best as it quickly heats up and its wide plates allow for fast styling by pumping up the volume creating a textured pattern. What you get is a glamorous voluminous braid! Try it to know it.

  • Hair Styling For Open Hair

Hair Styling For Open Hair

If you want to keep your hair open and add volume overall, all you need is to take Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer and use it for every section of the hair till the end of each hair strand. It has Wide Plates which allow Faster Styling and Adjustable Temperature Settings ranging from 120°C to 220°C which is feasible to style any hair type and give long-lasting voluminous hair. With the digital display, it is easier to track the temperature while using it. Easy-peasy! Isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

Having luscious, voluminous hair is a dream for many, and achieving that dream is now easier than ever with Vega VolumePro Hair Volumizer. This magical hairstyling tool will give the ultimate bounce to style fine and flat hair types. So now don’t be jealous of the bouncy hairstyles because with the help of the right technique and hair styling tools, you all can achieve it too! Get ready to receive compliments wherever you go!

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