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2022 Rewind of 8 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers + 5 Pros & Cons

2022 Rewind of 8 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers + 5 Pros & Cons

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If you’re someone who vapes, you will know the importance of a high-quality vaporizer. Having a high-quality vape device guarantees a smooth experience for all your requirements. With them, it is easier to achieve the effects you need. Hence, here’s a guide about vaporizers and some of the best devices in 2022.

Some Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Vape Device

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the battery life of a vaporizer as it can help determine the device’s longevity. A stable and reliable battery life will allow you to use it for a longer time and more effectively. 
  2. Always buy vaporizers from reputable brands. With about 13% of adults below 50 years of age engaging in vapes and e-cigarettes, it is necessary only to consider brands with a good reputation in the market. Look up companies with good reviews and significant experience manufacturing these devices. It will help you buy high-quality and reliable vaporizers, especially if you’re a beginner. 
  3. It is necessary to take your time and understand the types of vaporizers and their concentrates. Each class will produce different results and effects. Hence, when choosing a vaporizer, ensure you know its functioning to pick the most suitable one for your needs.
  4. Beginners need to be mindful of how vaping can affect them and the best ways to avoid any adverse effects. New users must purchase a starter kit before jumping into advanced devices. 
  5. You’ll require a portable and easy-to-carry device if you’re always on the move. When buying  weed vaporizers, users must consider their portability before making a final purchase. 

Our Top 5 Picks for Vaporizers That Ruled 2022  


It is a portable vaporizer with efficient heating controls. The Mighty+ takes less than a minute to reach different temperature levels, thus allowing users to have better control of their flavors. The vaporizer supports charging, making it reliable for on-the-go use, with instant charging in between. 

Firefly 2+

It is a convection vaporizer that provides instant heating, thus reducing the wait time suitably. The device comes with fast charging, is easy to store, and is compatible with different concentrates. The Firefly 2+ is also easy to clean and maintain, allowing one to use it for an extended period.

Arizer Solo 2

The vaporizer has a reliable battery performance for up to 3 hours of continuous use. It heats up and concentrates within twenty seconds at desired temperature levels, allowing people to use it almost instantly. The vape device is convenient for beginner use as it is easy to look after and clean.

Pax 3

It is a minimal, portable vaporizer with a decent battery life, perfect for beginner use. Its size makes it suitable for travel needs as it is easy to carry and store wherever necessary.

VapCap M + Induction Heater

It is a durable device with induction heating elements that provide long-lasting effects from the different vape extracts. With efficient heating, it releases a crisp flavor for users, thus giving them a satisfying experience. 

VapCap M + Induction Heater

5 Pros of Vaporizers That May Help You Switch

  1. They are less toxic than cigarettes or other smoking methods. Vaporizers help filter out toxins that would otherwise be taken in by the body through smoking.
  2. Unlike smoking, vaporizers curb the harsh smell that may arise from burning cannabis elements. It makes the overall experience more pleasant.
  3. Vaporizers provide users with temperature control. Individuals can choose their settings and heat oils or herbs based on their desired flavor and effects.
  4. Vaporizers are easy to carry around. It is a single device that doesn’t need an external lighter, herbs, or any other element.
  5. They provide long-lasting use for individuals, thus proving to be a cost-effective option. 

5 Cons of Vaporizers That You Must Consider

  1. Vaporizers are tricky to learn, especially for beginners. They may find it challenging to use, thus reducing the quality of their experience.
  2. There are numerous options available in the market, which makes it challenging to choose the most suitable one on the first try.
  3. Vaporizers, especially rechargeable ones, can be expensive for beginners, thus preventing them from trying out a device.
  4. Vaping is still stigmatized, and there may be strict regulations around them. People may fail to understand them and face difficulties.
  5. The vaporizer contents may not be FDA-approved, so buying devices without research is risky. Some may contain harmful chemicals, and research shows that these can potentially damage health.


Vaporizers are effective devices people may choose to use for various relief purposes. Whatever the need, purchasing the best and high-quality devices is necessary to achieve the desired results. You can check out these efficient vaporizers that stood out in 2022 and consider one of them for yourself, as they are guaranteed to give you the best effects you’re looking for. 

Author bio – Sutapa Kumar is a creative content writer with work in the lines of blog writing, web content writing, and copywriting. She also is keen on graphic design with experimental results in poster design, merchandise design, and editorial design categories. She holds over a year and a half of experience in the creative industry and is passionate about learning the impacts of different creative works in the industry. 

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